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Companies that have used Folyo to hire a design firm...

Folyo helped Dropbox find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Square find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Asana find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Zendesk find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Intercom find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Airbnb find a designer in 2013.

Designer success stories...

$20k+ won

Saurabh Jaiswal, Product Design

“Superb, I love the Folyo structure. Great to see large/small projects coming in that need a dedicated design person.”

$30k+ won

Rob Turlinckx, Web UI Design

“I've only landed 1 client on Folyo, but he's been a great client since 2016.”

$10k+ won

Brant Day, Wattle & Daub

“Clients I've gotten from Folyo communicate effectively, come to agreements, and pay on time. That is just about the best compliment I can give.”

$100k+ won

André Oliveira, Pixelmatters

“So far, so good. Innovative and challenging companies, with an eye for the importance of good design.”

$5000+ won

Arun Pattnaik, UX design

“The quality of leads coming via Folyo is top notch. Unlike most other sites, clients are well-informed and have realistic budgets for their projects.”

What a project from Folyo looks like...

Sample Folyo Project by Robin

Design work (Graphics, UI/UX)


$10k+ budgets only

Part-time, project-based, or contract work


Remote work, open to designers anywhere


Has a realistic scope


Has a clear contact person

We make sure every project we send you matches ALL of these criteria, and we never send an email just to send it. We make it simple to find gigs by attaching instructions on how to contact and win each project!

I’d gone through dry spells before but this one was bad...

I remember it vividly. Each day the stress mounted. Every email, every proposal ballooned in importance within my head. I looked for help online but all the forums said the same thing: "dry spells are just a part of freelancing."

That wasn't good enough for me. I became a freelancer to live life on my own terms. To have control over my destiny. That’s when I found Folyo.

I used it to land $30,000 as a newbie freelance UX designer. It helped me meet wonderful people from all over the world that valued my work.

My career would be different today if I hadn't signed up for Folyo when I did. Instead I changed my future for the better. I want to help you do the same. That's why I now run Folyo.

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