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Not getting enough freelance leads? Well, writing a new blog post isn’t the solution unless you have years to wait for your next client. Most freelancers need a fast way to grow their client network. The best reach out to companies who need their skills right now, daily.

But how do you find more of these opportunities? It used to be really tedious. Until, now. We’re Folyo, a referral newsletter community of over 8,000 freelancers and agency owners, that send exclusive client opportunities to your door day. We help you make more money whether you have time to do marketing this week or not.

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8,000+ freelancers add millions of dollars to their bottom line every year with Folyo

“Folyo did all the legwork. Great job filtering down to just the people who really met the detailed requirements. The icing on the cake was the interview recordings – which made it a really efficient process for us.”
Theresa Neil, Founder, Guidea and O’Reilly Author – Listen to Case Study

“It’s helped us calm any stress and fears, and approach our business calmly.”
Joey Kirk – Listen to Case Study

“You sign up and stuff just comes in. It’s a perfect way to get your feet wet.”
Trevor Wernisch – Listen to Case Study

“I’ve more than tripled my salary from my full-time job since signing up for this.”
Corey Tiani – Listen to Case Study

“Robert presented me with several really good options that helped me curate and understand who was best for my project.”
Mike Julian, CEO, The Duckbill Group and O’Reilly Author – Listen to Case Study

“For the first time in my career, I feel like I’m doing the right type of work.”
Kevin Chang – Listen to Case Study

“It’s is almost more like getting projects via word of mouth rather than applying to random jobs.”
Jes Albro – Listen to Case Study

“The job I landed on Folyo turned into ongoing design and development that I am still working on today.”
Jean Massad – Listen to Case Study

“Navigating the hiring process is hard. I’m not an expert in design. But Folyo helped guide me on what to focus on.”
Max Leiserson, Principal, Leiserson Research Group – Listen to Case Study


Every project we send members is guaranteed to be:

Our jobs (and subscribers) have a minimum average hourly rate of between $50-$100.

You get to decide where you work from.

The work you do will be useful and do some good for the world.

We only feature companies that intend to listen and collaborate, not dictate.

Of your boundaries, downtime, and expertise.

Owned by you
On Folyo you own the relationship, no referral fees or messy app.

You have control over the pitching process and clients hire based on merit.

We guarantee every project on Folyo meets these criteria.

We never send a job just to send it.

Members only get jobs that meet these 7 principles. It’s that simple.


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