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To Find Steady Client Work, You Need a Steady Stream of Clients

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Sitting and Waiting for Clients Makes Planning Difficult and Stressful
Your One Big Client Demands Almost All of Your Time
You Don’t Have Time to Look for New Leads Yourself
Most Outbound Lead Generation Feels Too Spammy for You
You’ve Exhausted Your Network When It Comes to Referrals
Your Pipeline Constantly Ebbs and Flows, Leaving You Scrambling

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You No Longer Have to Scramble From Client to Client

Create Your Own Client Streams

Finally give your pipeline the attention it deserves and build a lead system you can turn on and off like a spigot.

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Own the relationship and stop paying 5-figure referral fees. Train your team to find clients instead and keep everything you make.

Our Endless Clients process has been featured by NYT, AIGA and more for helping thousands add $8M+ in client work since 2013.

$100,000+ Contract Landed

“Without having access to this project we’d still be in the same place we were a few years ago. As an agency owner there are always going to be ebbs and flows. But landing this project helps us better plan for the future. This is a six-figure contract. It's by far the biggest project we’ve landed. And that’s really helped us calm the stress. Pretty incredible. It’s going to pay our salaries and put money in the bank.”

Joey Kirk
Made by Munsters

Multiple $10,000+ Contracts Landed

“I like to focus on projects that are particularly interesting to me, and fit my skill set well so I was reluctant to sign up at first. But amongst the work I scored from the newsletter last year were two projects that have now blossomed into amazing client relationships and tens of thousands of dollars… with no end in sight.”

Corey Tiani

4+ Hires From the Community

“Folyo did all the legwork. Great job filtering down to just the people who really met the detailed requirements. The icing on the cake was the interview recordings – which made it a really efficient process for us.”

Theresa Neil

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