Your company is amazing. Find a special designer for it. 

I work with agencies to find the right designer for their projects. Tell me what you're looking for, and I'll personally match you with the right designer from over 4,500 vetted candidates.

I'd love to introduce you to a few designers I trust.

You only pay after you've found a designer you're happy with.

Robert Williams, Owner, Folyo

How does Folyo work?

Unlike most sites, your job won't get plastered everywhere. Only a community of 4,500 hand-picked designers I trust get access.

For reference, I've been vetting and building relationships with this list of designers since 2011.

When you post a job, I also review each application individually, and discard about 95% of applicants for you.

That way you don't get inundated by an endless spray of emails and portfolios –and skip to the best part: great designers.

It's a proven process that saves agency owners 10+ hours per hire, guaranteed. Tons cheaper than most UX recruiters and – since I'm a designer myself – I actually know how to identify a designer who fits your brand and doesn't suck.

“Robert did all the legwork. Great job filtering down to just people who really met the detailed requirements. The icing on the cake was the interview recordings – which made it a really efficient process.” – Theresa Neil, CEO, Guidea


“Robert presented me with several really good options that helped me curate and understand who was best for my project.” – Mike Julian, CEO, The Duckbill Group


My Podcast: Freelance

A weekly conversation about how to work independently for remote agency owners.

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Hi, I'm Rob. I help agencies find the right designer quickly.

I run Folyo and host Freelance, a podcast about how to work independently featuring companies like Basecamp, ConvertKit, Highrise and more.

I'm taking what I learn from these companies about independent work and sending a short, weekly email all about it. Short, actionable, focused. Join me!

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