Take finding a designer off your plate.

Hiring is slow and hard. That means: staff shortages, exhausting your network, and piles of resumes. The good news? Folyo can help you find the right designer quickly, so you can get back to running your business. Get started in minutes for free.

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Over 5,000+ vetted designers subscribe to Folyo and receive projects directly.

Rory Reiff

Product designer in Medellín, Colombia

Denislav Jeliazkov

Product designer in London, United Kingdom

Zach Smyth

UI/UX designer in St. Louis, MO

Amélie Lamont

Product designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Kevin Chang

Product designer at Guidea living in Boston

Folyo helps you hire a designer without feeling inundated

Within days, you get the top matched designers for your project from a community of over 5,000 vetted designers.

We send you a list of the best options for you and you simply which ones you would like us to introduce you to. It allows you to finally scale your staff to meet the ebbs and flows of your business.

It's the opposite of how most agency owners and managers typically end up: buried under piles of portfolios and resumes at precisely the wrong time – when you're already gasping for air because of a staff shortage.

“Try as I may, I have never been able to space the acquisition of new accounts at convenient intervals. For months on end, nothing happens. I begin to wonder if we will ever get another account. My staff becomes despondent. Then suddenly we get three beauties in rapid succession, and the load of urgent work becomes unbearable." – David Ogilvy


How much it costs and why that matters

It's simple: $500 per designer hired, that's it. And you only pay if and when you find the right designer.

Most recruiters and talent networks charge a cut of your total budget. That can quickly add up to over $10,000+ for per hire, and totally dictate your profits.

On Folyo, you keep total control and never have to worry about a staff shortage eating up profits.

Industry-leading experts we've helped recently


"Folyo did all the legwork. Great job filtering down to just the people who really met the detailed requirements. The icing on the cake was the interview recordings – which made it a really efficient process for us." – Theresa Neil, Founder, Guidea


“Navigating the hiring process is hard. I’m not an expert in design. But Folyo helped guide me on what to focus on.” – Max Leiserson, Principal, Leiserson Research Group


“Robert presented me with several really good options that helped me curate and understand who was best for my project.” – Mike Julian, CEO, The Duckbill Group

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