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Web Design Leads for Sale: What’s the Best Site in 2024?

Learn the 4 non-negotiable criteria for a good web design lead and how different lead sites compare, including the top picks for 2024.

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A guide to sending the perfect portfolio sample by email. Including what to include, an about me template, and more.

How to Ask for a Testimonial From a Client

Stop having nothing to show for your hard work. Use these 3 scripts to make asking for a testimonial from a client easy as pie.

Potential Client Email Samples to Save to Your Swipe Folder

These potential client email samples will help you write a great: introduction email, follow up email, meeting schedule and more.

5 Winning RFP Response Examples and Why They Worked

A step-by-step case study of a real winning RFP response example. Including exactly how to win a 6-figure RFP using Linkedin.

Best Cold Email Template for Getting Web Design Work Quickly

Steal my word-for-word cold email template that I used to land $29,000 worth of web design work in just 3 emails.

How to Offer Monthly Consulting Retainers to Clients

A quick and easy guide to selling consulting retainer agreements to clients. Includes when to offer one, examples of retainer types, and more.

The 9 Best Testimonial Questions for Clients

Get the 9 best testimonial questions to ask clients and get awesome testimonials no matter what. Includes word-for-word scripts.

The Best Upwork Proposal Tips to Get Shortlisted Every Time

How to send the best Upwork proposal and get shortlisted by more clients. Simple straight-forward Upwork proposal tips.