Get project alerts that'll help you land your next client.

Each project is sent once, don't miss the next one.

1 A great company mistakenly posts a project somewhere you don’t check.
2 We constantly search for these hidden projects and email you the great ones.
3 You start conversations with life-long clients without lifting a finger.
Sample Folyo Project by Robin

What a Folyo project alert looks like…


You hear about projects when they're posted, usually within hours.


Make a great living from home, anywhere in the world.

$10k+ Design-problems.

We only send high-value graphic, UI/UX and frontend design projects worth $10k or more.

Shorter, Warmer Sales Cycles.

Since every client is actively seeking design help right now you can kiss goodbye cold calls.

Instant, easy replies.

A single contact email is always included so you know exactly who to reach out to.

No app, no commission, no referral fees.

You always keep 100% of your income - our only incentive is helping you find great clients.

These are some companies we've helped find a design partner since 2011

Folyo helped Dropbox find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Airbnb find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Asana find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Square find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Intercom find a designer in 2013.
Folyo helped Zendesk find a designer in 2013.

What are project-alerts?

When a great design project gets posted online, we find it and email you. We search for $10k+ design opportunities all day, everyday so you don't have to. That's why 3,500+ design firms choose Folyo to make sure they never miss out on a project.

No app, no logins and no commission - it all happens via email.

It's simple. Give us your email, get projects right away and try it absolutely free. We don't take a percentage or get referral fees from anyone. Any client you land is 100% yours and every project has a direct email attached so you own the communication from the start.

End feast or famine, never cold call again.

Folyo sends you people actively looking for someone to solve their high-value design problem right now. This means shorter, warmer sales conversations with client's worth $10,000 in initial work and 10x that in follow-up work.

Remote-friendly: work from home, on your terms.

Every project on Folyo is remote-friendly. This means you skip the commute and instead spend that time however you want! Valuing your time above all else is a cornerstone principle of Folyo - and working remotely is a big part of that.

So how does it work?

Simple! We send you a project-alert when there's a great opportunity, and you reply to these projects directly from your inbox and start conversations quickly that can become great life-long clients.

Does Folyo ever send any exclusive projects?

Yes. We periodically send projects found exclusively on Folyo. In fact, we’ve sent exclusive projects from Dropbox, Airbnb, Intercom, Square, Asana, and Zendesk. Learn more about submitting your project to Folyo here.

Who else uses Folyo?

Over 3,500+ freelancers, part-timers, and design firms use Folyo to find life-long clients. Here are few we've helped since 2011.

“So far, so good. Innovative and challenging companies, with an eye for the importance of good design.”
André Oliveira, Pixelmatters $100,000+ won on Folyo

“The quality of project coming via Folyo is top notch. Unlike most other sites, clients are well-informed and have realistic budgets.”
Arun Pattnaik, UX design $5,000+ won on Folyo

“Clients I've gotten from Folyo communicate effectively, come to agreements, and pay on time. That is just about the best compliment I can give.”
Brant Day, Wattle & Daub $10,000+ won on Folyo

“Superb, I love the Folyo structure. Great to see large/small projects coming in that need a dedicated design person.”
Saurabh Jaiswal, Product Design $20,000+ won on Folyo

“I've only landed 1 client on Folyo, but he's been a great client since 2016.”
Rob Turlinckx, Web UI Design $30,000+ won on Folyo

Will this mean I get spammy projects?

No. We hate those email subscriptions that puke out every remote job post under the sun, they’re useless. Instead we thoroughly review every project by hand. No algorithm, no bots. And we don’t take a commission, so our only concern is helping you find awesome work.

All projects are design-related (mostly UI/UX and graphics) and have $10k+ budgets. We make sure every project we send you matches ALL of these criteria, and we never send an email just to send it.

How many projects will you send me?

Free members can expect about 5 projects per week. Premium members get 4X the projects. The exact number depends on how many great clients post a project that day, but whether you want projects once in a while or every day, we can help.

A few quick reads and links.

For the last 7 years we’ve helped design firms build businesses on their own terms. Here are a few things to help you do that:

Any other questions we can answer?

We’d love to provide super fast answers. Check out the FAQ section or email us at hello@folyo.me

Note: we offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on all products and every email we send includes an unsubscribe link at the bottom.