About Folyo

My name is Rob Williams and I run Folyo to help freelance creatives find the work they were meant to do. We send exclusive referralsRFPs, freelance contracts, and more to freelancers and agency owners everyday.

That’s why I run Folyo. I want more people to be their own boss and own their time. Finding good clients is one of the toughest parts about being a freelancer. So Folyo’s newsletter community is here to make it a bit easier.

We find dozens of awesome clients in need every week and send them to you. What does “awesome clients” mean, exactly? Glad you asked. Here’s what we look for:


  1. Every job on Folyo must be remote. No one but you gets to choose how/where the work gets done. Clients on Folyo must be open to work being done remotely and independently.

  2. The work must be fulfilling creatively, providing a sense of purpose. It must be useful and do some good for the world.

  3. Companies on Folyo must trust the expertise of the freelancer they hire. They’re not hiring an extra pair of hands, they’re hiring an expert they intend to listen to it and collaborate with.

  4. The client must always respect a freelancer’s life outside of work, and be comfortable with boundaries. A freelancer’s downtime is off limits. There is no 24/7 access.

  5. The work must be high-paying, and help the freelancer earn a great living. This benefits everyone. (For reference, the average hourly rate for Folyo members is between $50-$100.)

  6. The freelancer must own the relationship with the client. Folyo helps connect the two parties but there are no ongoing referral fees or getting in-between once they’ve connected. We provide a service with a specific end point: you getting hired.

  7. The pitching and winning process should depend on things you have control over like skills, expertise, communication and salesmanship. Not things like your location and/or who you know.

These are the values every job featured on Folyo must reflect. We hope they help you win an awesome client on the site so you can live and work from anywhere, keep your independence, and earn a great living – on your own terms.

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