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I'll be honest. I tried every marketing gimmick to find clients that came across my Twitter feed for years. Guess what? None of it worked better than just sitting down and contacting potential clients who needed my help. The problem is... who has time for that? I was already busy enough doing work for clients... I wasn't about to start spending my little remaining free time finding them too. That's why I started this site.

"Don't sit down. We're going to have to let you go..."

Not to be overly dramatic, but back in 2013, I realized that if I continued working my full-time day job, I would never have real control of my life.

I started freelancing on the side but soon was let go from my full-time job. Which turned out to be one of the best things that has happened to me. 

That year I made twice the amount I would have made at my full-time job. And spent twice as much time with my family than ever before. (Talk about altering the course of you and your family's destiny.)

Soon though, I fell into the same traps most freelancers / consultants deal with. 

Feast or famine. Insecurity. Dry spells.

These were the same feelings that made me START my freelancing business – wanting more control of my future – yet now I felt even less control. My business, it seemed, was built on quicksand – just one lucky referral after another.

And I'll cut to the chase. This was what led me to creating a system. A system for finding high-quality new clients. (And ultimately, this website.)

I built this system because I couldn't believe it didn't exist already. I wanted it. For my business. Not scammy "$100 for a twitter clone" job posts. I wanted to find realistic, high-paying organizations.

And I didn't mind putting in the work of cold-emailing, sending proposals, and following up – because I knew these actions gave ME back control.

Turns out control is a popular thing. Lots of freelancers and agencies wanted this too.

And soon I was finding so many leads I couldn't pursue them all. So I started publishing them for friends as a weekly email I called my Referral Newsletter. Over the years, this newsletter has helped thousands of people around the world add millions of dollars in client work to their business.

It has been so successful, in fact, that I boiled down the entire system into a specialty-agnostic training program I call Endless Clients. Anyone can use it, no matter what type of work they do. As long as you put in the work, this program will take you from stressed out and scrambling for work to calm, lead-generation on autopilot, zen master – all in just six weeks.

Now I know all of this sounds good but hard to believe...

If I were in your shoes (and I was) I would be thinking the exact same thing. That's why I created free versions of my products and content that anyone can sign up for, see results from immediately, and use to get started ending the feast or famine cycle in their business forever.

Below I'd love to show you exactly how we do it, so that you can find 10+ $10,0000 clients in less than 30 minutes whenever you want. I'll also tell you exactly how you can get started risk-free to see for yourself.

Folyo's approach is different than most freelancing sites out there because we actually go out and find millions of dollars in client work for real freelancers and agencies every year.

It's easy to talk about how to find clients ('just dial in your positioning!') when you don't actually have to do it. We do. We use everything we teach daily.

And the absolute best place to start if you're new here is by signing up for our free Referral Newsletter.

Go to this link and enter your email address and you will receive 10+ free leads from us each month – plus a free 1-hour training program on how to build a system that will find you clients for your specific company in almost no time per month.

You can control finding clients. It doesn't need to suck. 

– Robert

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to opportunities on Folyo?

The best way is to sign up for a free account using this page using this page. You’ll get instant access to our weekly newsletter and more info on getting started.

How does the Referral Newsletter work?

Simple! We seek out $10k+ design projects all day, everyday. When we come upon a particularly good one, we send it right to your inbox! You start conversations with strangers that can become great life-long clients. To sign up, join the waiting list using the link above.

About how many emails/projects should I expect if I sign up?

The exact number depends on how many great contract opportunities get shared on that day. We never post a project just to post it.

Will there be projects for my agency?

Most likely yes. We can’t control what type of projects we get but we look out for the best Marketing, Graphic, UX, front-end, and interaction design projects on the web. If your agency does design or development, there will plenty of chances to meet great clients.

Which countries do the projects come from?

We send projects from companies world-wide. Every project is looking for remote help. Most of them are open to freelancer/shops anywhere in the world, unless otherwise noted. Folyo works best if you’re based in the US.

Is my credit card info secure?

Yes. This site is encrypted using a 256-bit secure connection and all payments are processed through Stripe, the same payment processor used by Shopify, Target, BestBuy, NPR, and over 100,000+ other online businesses.

I signed up. Why am I not receiving emails?

Sometimes our emails can end up in the spam folder, or in Gmail’s “Promotions” tab if you use Gmail.

Here are some instructions for many common email clients to keep our emails out of the spam folder.

If you can’t find our emails in Promotions or Spam, then email robert@folyo.me and we’ll be happy to help troubleshoot the issue with you!

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 60-day end the feast or famine or it’s free 100% money-back guarantee on any purchase.

Can I cancel/unsubscribe at anytime?

Yes, every email has an unsubscribe link at the bottom and you can cancel your premium subscription at any time.

When I win a project how much commission do I have to pay?

None. Any client you land on Folyo is 100% yours. We don’t get between you and your clients in anyway. Unlike many other freelancing sites, there’s no app, no commission, and no percentage fee. It runs on independence so you own the communication and keep 100% of your income.

What kind of projects will you send me?

Folyo is focused on clients looking to solve important design problems for their business. That means you’ll get graphic, frontend, and UX design gigs. Members say that they find on Folyo reply at a higher rate than any other type of lead generation they’ve done in the past. But they also have an unfair advantage. They’re better at contacting clients because Folyo makes it easy to focus on sending a really good first email.

I’m outside of the US, is that a problem?

Folyo works best if you’re based in the US because we’re based in the US and most companies that come to use are based in the US. That said, if you can design and have a solid grasp of the English language, you can – and will win – work from these projects. Folyo has top freelancers from all over the world, including places like Europe, Asia, and basically every other continent in the world who are loving the service. Unless otherwise noted, all projects are 100% remote and open to remote freelancers anywhere in the world, so I’d suggest you sign up and see if it’ll work for you.

Will this replace my sales funnel?

Probably not. This isn’t a replacement for an entire design business’ pipeline. This is a great way to supplement your existing pipeline and fill the gaps in your schedule by starting conversations and meeting people outside of your network with active gigs. Folyo’s new 30-40 monthly opportunities will work best with a healthy dose of inbound leads. Regardless, it will add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Can I just find these projects myself, for free?

No. A lot of the projects we send come straight to Folyo and are found nowhere else. Your time is too valuable for finding projects online. We believe you should be spending your time winning projects not finding them.

Lead Generation Training

Resource for freelancers: Endless Clients

Endless Clients Training Program

Learn how to find 10+ dream clients any time you want in under an hour – then automate it so you never have to think about it again.

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Instant Lead Generation For Designers and Developers

Resource for designers: Referral Newsletter

Referral Newsletter

The ONLY newlsetter for product designers and front-end developers that delivers instant lead generation to the tune of $1,000,000+ in revenue every year since 2013.

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