Folyo is here to help freelance designers find clients. I wished I had great, high-value clients coming to me everyday back when I was freelancing.

Freelancers have it tough and as a one-man business I can relate. You have to be on top of billing, taxes, accounting, clients, support, onboarding and more – it’s a lot.

I believe freelancers create more value for the world than the average full-time employee.

That’s why I want freelancers to take control over their life and business. I don’t believe having someone tell you how much you can make, what you have to work on everyday and when you can see your family is right for everyone.

Each of us only has one life to live. There’s only so much time we get with loved ones. Spending your time on a job that isn’t maximizing your potential, or allowing you to live the life you want, isn’t worth it.

I see freelancing as a viable alternate to the rat-race system — but only if you can figure out how to stay in business. That’s why I care about helping people stay independent.

I’m Robert Williams and this is my site, Folyo. It’s a private project alert service for freelance graphic, and UX designers. We send projects out to the best designers on the planet.

It started back in 2011. Back then it was run by Sacha Greif on a simple WuFoo form.

At first it was just a handful of designers and opportunities coming directly through Sacha’s network.

Then people started to ask if they could join the list, and slowly it began to grow.

We now send anywhere from 10-20 amazing design projects each week, exclusively to our list of talented designers.

Our mission is to help you earn a great living for yourself, on your own term and we can’t wait to help you do that. Sign up today.