Agencies need leads. Sometimes they need leads fast. The best way to get leads fast is to supplement your inbound marketing efforts with outbound lead gen. In other words: actually going out and finding clients worth pitching.

This can be hard… and time-consuming. Authentic outbound lead generation is rare. Almost nobody does it well. And that makes it an incredibly valuable strategy. But outbound is NOT something every brand has the time/desire/expertise to focus on.

That’s where Folyo helps thousands of agencies each year by sending them premium hand-picked RFPs.

We’ve been featured on the NYT, AIGA and dozens of other well-known publications for helping thousands of design shops add $2M+ in client revenue. Here’s what it looks like:

This is the process which Folyo has used to help our customers take control of their growth.

It’s unique because it combines an immediate supply of low-competition leads with an authentic cold email strategy for a flat-fee price.

We’re here to help make finding leads for your agency easy.

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