I want to help you find a special designer for your company. 

My name is Robert Williams. I'm a designer who runs Folyo and hosts Freelance a podcast about how to be effective at remote, independent work.

I work with agencies to find the right designer for their projects. I do this with a community of 4,500 vetted designers called Folyo.

So what is Folyo and how does it work?

Folyo is a private design community started in 2011. Unlike most sites, where jobs get plastered everywhere, projects on Folyo are only available to a community of 4,500 hand-picked designers.

When a job gets posted on Folyo, I review each application and personally introduce the best designers to the hiring company.

Designers get great opportunities – and clients skip email and portfolio overload.

I care about this because I believe in freelancing and independent remote work.  I want designers and agency owners to take control over their life and business.

I see Folyo as a viable alternate to the rat-race system. That’s why I care about helping people stay independent.

Our mission is to help you earn a great living for yourself, on your own terms.

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