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A Community for Remote Designers 🙌

Every day we find the very best independent contractor jobs for designers who are tired of traditional job boards and RFP sites.

Because in today’s world, we face content overload.

99% of all jobs won’t help you build the life you want. Folyo exists to find the tiny 1% for you so you can get back to living your life and building a successful independent business.

The best independent contractor jobs for designers are remote, fulfilling, and high-paying.

Independent Contractor Jobs That Help You Get Back to Real Life
Independent Contractor Jobs That Help You Get Back to Real Life


Working remotely means independence. You choose where and how you work, not your employer. Every job on Folyo lets you work from home, so you can spend your life with your family, not at work.


You want your work to be about more than just money. Every opportunity featured on Folyo has a sense of purpose. It’s the work you are meant to do. Jobs that respect your life and are comfortable with boundaries. Taking control and getting back to what really matters: your life.


We’re not recruiters or middlemen, we are designers. We use our judgement to pick the opportunities that we would want to work on ourselves. Every project featured on Folyo helps you earn a great living.

Every independent contractor job and project on Folyo reflects these commitments to our members: great designers all over the world.

Because you don’t have time to sort through irrelevant opportunities yourself.

Just an hour of your time is worth more than the price of a Folyo subscription. That means by spending almost any time finding opportunities yourself, you’re losing thousands of dollars per month!

So don’t. Have a steady stream of great independent contractor jobs come to you like clockwork and get right to the important part: pitching clients and landing contracts.

🥰 No commissions = true independence

Best of all, if you land a $10,000 contract on Folyo you won’t pay a cent more – you’ll continue to pay the same flat fee each month. No commission!

Get the best independent contractor jobs for designers that let live and work from anywhere, keep your independence, and earn a great living – on your own terms.

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