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Hi! I'm Robert Williams. This is my site Folyo. It's a private project alert service for freelance graphic, and UX designers. We send projects out to the best designers on the planet.

It started back in 2011. Back then it was just my closest design buddies, and we began to share projects with each other on it.

At first it was just a handful of designers and opportunities coming directly through my network.

Then people started to ask if they could join the list, and slowly it began to grow. That's when I realized the problem went both ways.

It wasn't just my freelancer friends that benefitted from the list. Companies who were spending tens of thousands of dollars on job board and recruiter fees in the past, were now coming to me and finding better designers for their projects for free.

Eventually, I met Sacha Greif (the original founder of Folyo) and he gave me ownership to the private job board he was running at the time, called Folyo.

Folyo became the new brand for my private newsletter sharing hundreds of quality gigs each week.

We now send anywhere from 15-25 amazing design projects each week, exclusively to our list of talented designers. We can't wait to help you earn a great living on your own terms for the work you love to do. Sign up today.

Who runs Folyo?

Robert Williams, Owner

Robert runs the site on top of also finding every project featured on Folyo. He's developed a patented technique for finding great design projects online you can read about here. Read his blog or send Robert an email.

Sacha Greif, Original Founder

Although Sacha is no longer with Folyo, he started the site originally in 2011. He occasionally checks in to help out as a design advisor but can be found most of the time working on Vulcan.js and Sidebar. Read about his latest projects over on his site.

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