About Folyo

You know those remote design jobs and contracts you’re too busy to track down and apply to? Not anymore.

Remote Design Jobs that help you get back to real life
Remote Design Jobs That Help You Get Back to Real Life

We want to help you find and reach out to dozens of remote design opportunities in just a few minutes everyday (and get back to your life).

Introducing Folyo – a hands-free way to stop missing out on 99% of remote design jobs, contracts, and RFP opportunities.

If getting more clients on the phone means you sell more projects – how do you find more real clients and remote jobs worth pitching?

The fastest way is to go where they are. Places like RFP websites, job boards, Hacker News, and AngelList have high-value work.

But who has time to sort through these opportunities by yourself?

Just an hour of your time is worth more than the price of a Folyo subscription. That means by spending almost any time finding opportunities yourself, you’re losing thousands of dollars per month!

So don’t. Have a steady stream of great clients come to you like clockwork and get right to the important part: pitching clients and landing contracts.

After all, hiring someone to find you leads can get expensive. Even if you pay just $10/hour, that’s over $600/month if they spent just 2 hours a day. Too much.

Instead, our membership costs less than your daily cup of coffee, and you hear about every awesome freelance and contract product design opportunity out there.

Best of all, if you land a $10,000 contract on Folyo you won’t pay a cent more – you’ll continue to pay the same flat fee each month. No commission!

Sign up today. If you don’t love it in the next 30 days, we don’t want your money, get a full refund.

Who runs Folyo?

Like you, we’re a small, remote, and independent team.

How does Folyo find Remote Design Jobs and Contracts exactly?

We scour the web to find high-quality hand-screen contract design opportunities and share them with you so you don’t have to.

What happens when a company posts a job directly on Folyo?

Folyo works directly with companies to find the right designer for their project.

When a job gets posted on Folyo, we review each application and personally introduce the best designers to the hiring company.

Designers get great opportunities – and clients skip email and portfolio overload.

Why does Folyo exist?

Folyo has been around since 2011 because we care about the sustainability of freelancing and independent remote work.  We want to help freelance designers and agency owners take control of their life and business and be able to stop working insane hours.

Our mission is to help you earn a great living for yourself, on your own terms.