Our podcast going behind-the-scenes of your favorite companies, to help you understand how your dream clients think about business, design and more.

Hashing out what’s next with James Sowers

September 13, 2018

James Sowers of Bootstrappers.io joins me to talk about where we are in our business and what we’re working on next. (18:20 minutes)

Bootstrapped Product Marketing with Ashley Baxter

September 1, 2018

Ashley Baxter joins me to talk solopreneurship and how she’s marketing her SaaS as a solo founder. (51 min.)

$2.5k MRR in 60 days, A High-level Look

August 12, 2018

Today I give you a high-level overview of how I launched a new business that’s making $2.5k in monthly recurring revenue in about 2 months.

Switching to Full-time Products with Laura Elizabeth

July 30, 2018

Laura Elizabeth joins me to talk about how she’s switched to selling products full-time, her DIY SEO strategy, and more. (46 minutes.)

Fortnite’s Business Model

July 23, 2018

Forbes reports that the video game Fortnite has made over a billion dollars since launching in October 2017. (11 minutes.)

Rebranding Yourself in 2018 with Nathan Barry

July 20, 2018

Nathan Barry joins me to talk about what’s changed in his approach to branding, marketing, and content creation in 2018. (42 minutes.)

Daily Focus with Shawn Blanc

July 14, 2018

Shawn Blanc of the Sweet Setup joins me to talk about focus, what really matters, building great websites with great writers and more. (61 min interview)

The End at Highrise with Nate Kontny

May 24, 2018

Nate Kontny (former CEO at Highrise) joins me to talk Highrise, product design / JTBD, and the app he’s working on next. (60 minutes.)

A Collection of Real Emails and Proposals for Designers (with the Lines That Worked) curated by Folyo.

The Email Checklist for Designers

By Robert Williams | August 11, 2018

Why this works… Because Folyo depends on our customers winning projects to make money, and…

The Future Client Introduction Email

By Robert Williams | August 10, 2018

Why this email works… This email made me, personally, over $30k as a newbie designer.…

Emails to Clients

By Robert Williams | August 10, 2018

Real Examples of Emails to Prospective and Future Clients (with the Lines That Worked) Emails…

One benefit of sending thousands of design jobs is you get to see what the top companies do differently when hiring a designer. We share what we've learned.

How to Hire a Website Designer without Getting Burned (Part 1)

By Robert Williams | August 6, 2018

I’ve never hired a web designer except for very small projects. I have, however, been…

A Short Field Guide To Finding Designers

By Sacha Greif | June 20, 2014

As someone with a hybrid designer/developer profile, I end up hanging out with a lot…

The $5 Logo

By Sacha Greif | June 13, 2014

We recently published our Startup’s Guide to Budget Design, where we examined different design options…

The Startup’s Guide to Budget Design

By Sacha Greif | May 19, 2014

Did you know that Stack Overflow used 99Designs to crowdsource their logo for only $512? And at the other…

“How Much Does a Website Cost?” And Other Pricing Questions

By Sacha Greif | April 23, 2014

If there’s one thing nobody seems to want to talk about, it’s pricing. Most designers…