Bootstrapped Product Marketing with Ashley Baxter

Ashley Baxter joins me to talk solopreneurship and how she’s marketing her SaaS as a solo founder. (51 min.)

  • [1:00] How Ashley got the idea for her podcast Bootstrapped Digest.
  • [5:00] What’s better in content marketing? Short or Long form?
  • [7:34] Where Ashley focuses for creating better quality content.
  • [9:45] How do you know if your content is going to be interesting.
  • [15:26] How do you market a product as a solo-founder in a difficult industry?
  • [24:30] Why Ashley is doubling-down on content marketing.
  • [30:45] The process of rebranding her SaaS, With Jack.
  • [50:25] What success means as a solo founder vs taking investment.

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