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Rob Williams

I run Folyo which helps freelance designers find the work they were meant to do. I also host Freelance a podcast about how to be more effective at independent work featuring remote companies like Disney, Basecamp, YNAB, ConvertKit and more.

How to Setup Email Filters for RFP / Job Alerts

Occasionally someone asks me about filtering Folyo projects for them based on a specific niche or keyword. The great thing about Folyo running on email, is that it’s easy to setup this kind of thing…

Freelance Designer or Studio? What’s the Best Way to Sell Yourself?

Here’s a question I get a lot from Folyo members and it’s a good one. I run a small studio. Should I present myself to clients as a freelancer or as a studio? The short…

Recruiting Plan Templates for Awesome Hires, Every Time

Hiring can be a bit of a catch-22: you don’t want the very important (and highly-paid) people at your company wasting time on things like recruiting strategy, sifting through resumes, or interviewing applicants BUT they…

Nick Disabato on website value propositions

Webinar notes coming soon

Jonathan Stark on website pricing and value propositions

On this call Jonathan goes over: The first thing you need to know when analyzing your website (6:11). How to position yourself as a Kickstarter-focused designer (19:50). When and how to add a risk-reversal to…

Philip Morgan on website positioning

On this call Philip Morgan covers: How to use Linkedin to define your niche segmentation (8:35). How a design agency can market themselves like Metalab (12:35). How to get a sense of your competitors marketing…

Dribbble Jobs Review: How Much it Costs and How it Works In-Depth

We recently purchased two Dribbble Jobs products for finding a designer. This is a review and comparison of the platform based on what we found. It’s a great primer if you’re looking into using dribbble…

Interview: Proving Your Value with Nick Disabato

In this episode I talk with Nick Disabato about how a designer like you can prove your worth to any business by presenting the overall impact of your work.

A Review of Folyo: How it works and more

The point of Folyo is to increase the amount of opportunities and like-minded people in your network that can help you. To steal a concept from Baseball: it’s supposed to give your team more at-bats….

Underwater Agency

In this episode, I talk about how I’m helping design agencies fix painful staff shortages with my referral community for product designers.