Robert Williams

I help underwater design agencies fix staff shortages quickly and come back up for air. I run Folyo, a private referral community of product designers, and I host Freelance, a podcast about how to work independently.

How to take the risk out of hiring freelancers for new projects

When a project costs less than the profit it will generate, it’s a good investment. But this is impossible to determine until price is established. That’s why deciding to hire a freelancer for a project is a weird proposition. How can you know exactly how profitable a freelancer’s work will be to your project? That’s tough. As someone who’s hired...

Interview: Company of One with Paul Jarvis

[freelance-podcast] In this episode, Paul Jarvis and I talk about why bigger isn’t always better and how you can push back against the business world when it’s telling you to grow.

Hiring Freelance Designers

Staff shortages (or surpluses) eat up profits at a lot of companies. Yet, they’re totally predictable. Hiring the right freelancer is a huge advantage for your startup or small business – and these articles will show you how to do it. A Fiverr experiment – The $5 logoHow to write a great project brief by answering 3 questionsHow to get...

Where to Find High-Value Design Clients in 2018

How do you find high-value clients, quickly, when you don’t have an existing network of work to rely on? This guide will answer that question from start to finish. It’s a culmination of tips, habits, and tactics I use everyday with Folyo. Let’s dive in. 1. Your portfolio: what you really need to get started How I deleted my portfolio and made...

The Email Line That’s Client Repellent

My UX design firm had gone through dry spells before but this one was particularly bad. Each day, the stress mounted. The importance of every new meeting ballooned greater than ever before. I went in to each one thinking one thing: “I need this job.” Yet, each client would slip out of my grasp. Some would say it was a...

Hacking your lead-gen with reminders

So after implementing my last lesson, you’ve now gotten your Feedbin account setup and are starting to see dozens of leads daily. Congrats. You now have a system for finding, qualifying, and prioritizing great projects that’s more advanced than 99% of design firms. This daily flow of leads is enough to fill the gaps in most pipelines. Next I want...

Jason Fried’s 13 unconventional rules for getting clients

Note: the rules in this article are derived from researching Jason’s past interviews and blog posts — I didn’t interview Jason personally. Before building Basecamp, Jason Fried was already doing millions of dollars in client work with his design agency, 37signals. 37signals had a reputation for doing thing differently. The way they got clients and presented themselves was unique. Like David Ogilvy,...

Interview: Radical Productization with Ben Manley

In this episode I talk to Ben Manley about the nuts and bolts of running a web design agency like a product. He shares how he provides quick turnarounds, low prices, and live collaboration while other agencies can’t.

Podcast: Consulting to Products with James Sowers

In this episode James Sowers and I talk about going from consulting to products, selling community, creative constraints and more.

Interview: Building Products with Adam Wathan

In this episode, Adam Wathan and I talk about how he creates products from everyday problems, and how he markets them by working in public.