Robert Williams

I help underwater design agencies fix staff shortages quickly and come back up for air. I run Folyo, a private referral community of product designers, and I host Freelance, a podcast about how to work independently.

Hacking your lead-gen with reminders

So after implementing my last lesson, you’ve now gotten your Feedbin account setup and are starting to see dozens of leads daily. Congrats. You now have a system for finding, qualifying, and prioritizing great projects...

Jason Fried’s 13 unconventional rules for getting clients

Take a look at how Jason made millions of dollars in client work before ever building Basecamp.

Radical Productization

Ben Manley, founder at Knapsack Creative, talks about the nuts and bolts of running a web design agency like a product.

Podcast: Consulting to Products with James Sowers

In this episode James Sowers and I talk about going from consulting to products, selling community, creative constraints and more.

Interview: Building Products with Adam Wathan

In this episode, Adam Wathan and I talk about how he creates products from everyday problems, and how he markets them by working in public.

Podcast: Content FOMO Challenge

In this episode, I challenge you to stop filling your day (and head) with business-related content.

The Design of Your Company

Jonas Downey, principal designer at Basecamp, talks about how to design a work structure in cycles.

Podcast: Next with James Sowers

In this episode, James Sowers and I talk about where we are in our business and what we’re working on next.

Using Feedbin to Find Amazing Clients For You

In the last lesson we introduced you to Feedbin. I’m a bit of a Feedbin fanboy at this point and I’m about to share why. Feedbin has some amazing features that can take care of...

My Endless Client Generator: An RSS plugin with all the best UX projects

So far in this series we’ve talked about changing your lead-gen strategy, shifting your mindset, and using AngelList to get startup clients. Next, I’m going to show you how to take it to the next...