Rob Williams

I run Folyo which can help your remote company find the right designer in the next 7 days. I also host Freelance, a podcast about how you can be more effective at independent work featuring remote companies like Basecamp, Converkit, Highrise and more. If you're a designer looking for clients, you can also get a free 14-day trial of my referral newsletter today.

Interview: Full-time Products with Laura Elizabeth

In this episode, Laura Elizabeth and I talk about to switch to selling products full-time, a DIY SEO strategy, and more.

Rebranding in 2018

Nathan Barry, CEO of ConvertKit, talks about what’s changed in his approach to branding, marketing, and content creation in 2018.

Protecting Your Focus

Shawn Blanc, founder at The Sweet Setup, talks about how he focuses on what matters, builds great websites, and hires great writers.

How to apply to a project on Folyo

To apply to a project on Folyo, click on the blue link below the company name. If this is an email link, this will open up your default mail program, create a new message with...

19 David Ogilvy Quotes on Finding and Selling Clients

The approach to sales that David Ogilvy outlined in his books.

The end of Highrise CRM

Nate Kontny, ex-CEO at High-rise, talks about his time with the company, product design, and what he’s working on next.