How to Find Clients on LinkedIn in 5 Minutes

Step-by-step tutorial on how to find high paying clients on LinkedIn. Great for agency and freelance web design clients.

Robert Williams
14 Jun 2022

Web Design Leads for Sale: What’s the Best Site in 2022?

A review of the best places to buy qualified web design leads in 2021 if you're a freelance or agency owner, including pricing and quality.

Robert Williams
11 May 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Sending Your Portfolio by Email

A guide to sending the perfect portfolio sample by email. Including what to include, an about me template, and more.

Robert Williams
3 May 2022

2021 Lead Generation Guide for Freelancers

Learn the keys to lead generation for freelancers including how to write compelling email and 10x your lead generation efforts. Written specifically for freelancers.

Robert Williams
20 Oct 2021

How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn for Freelancers

Detailed breakdown of how to generate leads on LinkedIn if you're a freelancer or agency including how to generate leads with your profile, search, and other services.

Robert Williams
3 Sep 2021

How to Ask for a Testimonial From a Client

Stop having nothing to show for your hard work. Use these 3 scripts to make asking for a testimonial from a client easy as pie.

Robert Williams
11 Aug 2021

How to Get Referrals From Clients as a Team or Freelancer

Getting referrals from clients is one of the best ways to grow your agency. This post gives you scripts and templates to do it.

Robert Williams
18 Jan 2021

Best Website for Finding Design RFPs (Requests for Proposals)

Our top pick for finding design RFPs (Requests for Proposals) based on years of research. Including: website, graphic, and logo design RFPs.

Robert Williams
22 Oct 2020

Potential Client Email Samples to Save to Your Swipe Folder

These potential client email samples will help you write a great: introduction email, follow up email, meeting schedule and more.

Robert Williams
17 Sep 2020

5 Winning RFP Response Examples and Why They Worked

A step-by-step case study of a real winning RFP response example. Including exactly how to win a 6-figure RFP using Linkedin.

Robert Williams
11 Sep 2020

Best Cold Email Template for Getting Web Design Work Quickly

Steal my word-for-word cold email template that I used to land $29,000 worth of web design work in just 3 emails.

Robert Williams
9 Sep 2020

How to Offer Monthly Consulting Retainers to Clients

A quick and easy guide to selling consulting retainer agreements to clients. Includes when to offer one, examples of retainer types, and more.

Robert Williams
9 Sep 2020

The Best Books on Referral Marketing for Freelancers

The all-time best books on referrals to read if you run a design shop. Each one is a must-read. Ignore at your peril.

Robert Williams
9 Sep 2020

How to List Contract Work on LinkedIn in 2021 for Freelancers

We cover how to list freelance and contract work on Linkedin, including 7 specific tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile and get more leads.

Robert Williams
8 Sep 2020

5 Recurring Revenue Streams for Web Agencies

The 5 easiest ways to diversify your income, including: monthly retainers, affiliate products, buying cheap businesses and more.

Robert Williams
3 Sep 2020

How to End an Email to a Potential Client (15+ Scripts Included)

A step-by-step tutorial on how to end an email to a client and guarantee a great response rate. Word-for-word scripts included.

Robert Williams
31 Aug 2020

The “Haven’t Heard Back From You” Email Template

Word-for-word email sequence to use when an important email has gone ignored. Improves your response rate by 80-90% with just a few emails.

Robert Williams
25 Aug 2020

The 9 Best Testimonial Questions for Clients

Get the 9 best testimonial questions to ask clients and get awesome testimonials no matter what. Includes word-for-word scripts.

Robert Williams
25 Aug 2020

Agency Self Promotion Examples That Attract Great Clients

My favorite examples of great design agency self promotion that will attract clients and grow your business. Incudes 14 real examples.

Robert Williams
23 Aug 2020

The Best Upwork Alternatives for Agencies

What's the best Upwork alternative for agencies in 2021? We looked at hundreds of job sites and platforms to give you our recommendation.

Robert Williams
22 Aug 2020

The Best Upwork Proposal Tips to Get Shortlisted Every Time

How to send the best Upwork proposal and get shortlisted by more clients. Simple straight-forward Upwork proposal tips.

Robert Williams
19 Aug 2020

How to Get Your First Clients as a New Freelancer / Agency

A step-by-step guide on how to get clients including how to identify them, figure out what they want, and what not to change.

Robert Williams
3 Aug 2020

How to Productize a Service Business and Find Clients

What building a product business taught me about the challenges, advantages, and differences between a product vs service business.

Robert Williams
7 Apr 2020

Pricing Survey: How Much Does a Website Cost? and Other Pricing Questions

Stats from a 200+ freelancer survey answering how much designers charge for websites, logos, web apps and more.

Robert Williams
19 Jan 2020

How to Get Clients Even During a Pandemic

A proven method for how to get freelance clients every week no matter what. Includes exact word-for-word script that works in any situation.

Robert Williams
18 Jan 2020

Free Design Proposal Template Clients Can’t Say No To

A simple design proposal template and framework you can use to send persuasive proposals in minutes instead of hours.

Robert Williams
7 Jan 2020

The $5 Logo: The Ultimate Fiverr Review

A Fiverr review that definitively answers: what kind of logo you can get for $5? Plus BIG problems you might not know about Fiverr.

Robert Williams
8 Aug 2019

The Dribbble Jobs Review of Features You’ve Never Seen

An in-depth review of how Dribbble Jobs works for hiring a designer. Includes screenshots of features you've never seen.

Robert Williams
22 Feb 2019