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How they got clients series

An on-going series where I research the sales techniques of great salesmen and provide detailed notes from their books, interviews, and philosophies on the subject of getting clients.

David Ogilvy’s 19 Unconventional Rules for Getting Clients

The approach to sales that David Ogilvy outlined in his books.

Jason Fried’s 13 unconventional rules for getting clients

Take a look at how Jason made millions of dollars in client work before ever building Basecamp.

Walt Disney’s 16 unconventional rules for getting clients

A look at Disney’s approach to selling starting as a freelance cartoonist and beyond.

Designer platform reviews

I buy, use and review various designer hiring platforms and provide definitive reviews and tips for how to get the most from them - so you can save hundreds of dollars and hours of time.

The Dribbble Experiment

A few days ago I tried an experiment: I purchased two expensive Dribbble products for finding a designer, and compared them. The first one was…

The $5 Logo

An in-depth review of the fiverr platform that seeks to answer: what kind of logo can you get for $5?

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