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The 20+ Best Email, Proposal and Website Templates for Designers

By Rob Williams

These templates for designers are the absolute best resources I’ve found to helping hundreds of design firms get clients. Most designers don’t know that 90% of their proposals, emails, and websites are client repellent. The resources below are the opposite. They will show you exactly what to do instead.

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The email line that’s client repellent

A case-study on how I realized that one particular email I was sending was killing my response rate.

How to build a freelance pipeline of dream client prospects (on auto-pilot)

A high-level look at the system I use to generate hundreds of dream client each week. 

Salesmanship Templates

David Ogilvy’s 19 Unconventional Rules for Getting Clients

How one man went from obscure tobacco farmer to ad agency owner billing $55 million in 15 years.

Jason Fried’s 13 unconventional rules for getting clients 

How the founder of Basecamp approached getting clients and building a million dollar consultancy from scratch.

Walt Disney’s 16 unconventional rules for getting clients

How Walt used selling to clients 1-on-1 as a fundamental pillar of his business.

Seth Godin’s 7 unconventional rules for getting clients

How one of the most successful freelancers makes deciding what to do his responsibility.

Email Templates

How to start your emails to clients so they want to hire you

The best way to start any email on the right track so clients want to hire you.

The Future Client Introduction Email

A cold email intro template you can send to a client or prospect that creates a great response rate.

The Natural Retainer Upsell Email

An email template you can use to get rid of the feast or famine cycle by creating monthly recurring revenue for your business. 

The Email Checklist for Designers

A quick checklist to use before hitting send on any client email.

The Cold Shoulder Reversal Email

This is an email template that turns dead conversations around at an amazing rate.

The Bad Email Template – How to NOT get clients over email

I break down one of the most common emails sent by freelancers today and talk about why it’s terrible.

How to automate your emails without losing your soul

Some quick examples for automating this entire system so that it runs like clock-work without you.

Website Templates

How to get dream clients from your portfolio website

A case-study on the gold standard for productized consulting websites

How to create a portfolio website that actually gets you clients

Tips for creating a high-performing freelance portfolio

How to use JTBD on your website as a freelancer

Using the principles from jobs to be done to rewrite the copy on your website.

How to send your portfolio to clients so they pick you

A simple way to fix the mistake most freelancers make when sending their portfolio to clients

How to write a positioning statement on your website that makes clients hire you

A better way to describe your work and what you do for your clients

Proposal Templates

How to write RFPs that win design clients in less time

A field guide that shows you how to add large amounts of revenue in just a few hours a week.

How to win more clients by presenting your experience the right way

9 specific templates, scripts, and tips for proving you’re for real.

How to kill scope creep, complete projects faster and make clients love you for it

Practical recommendations for cutting back scope on projects from the beginning of a project.

How to create client referrals and repeat work at a higher rate

A case-study on how I’ve created 60+ referral opportunities in my business in the past year.

How to make selling freelance design less stressful and more fun

13 ways to bake fun into the client proposal and negotiation process


How to find high-quality freelance design leads every single day

Lessons learned from over 5+ years finding hundreds of freelance projects online.

How to get a steady stream of clients coming to you

An essay about my experience becoming a freelancer and why I’ve created this site and service.

About Rob Williams...

I run Folyo which helps freelance designers find the work they were meant to do. I also host Freelance a podcast about how to be more effective at independent work featuring remote companies like Disney, Basecamp, YNAB, ConvertKit and more.