Best Gifts for Freelancers who Work From Home

By Robert Williams

If you’re looking to improve your workspace (or freelance business in general) we’ve put together a list of some awesome gifts for freelancers below.

Note: I’m protesting Amazon because they pay less in taxes than you do, so none of the links below will be to Amazon. I now look to buy directly from the manufacturer whenever possible.

The gifts for freelancers and remote workers below are from companies worth supporting.

Notebooks and planners

Posture-Improving Stuff:

Best Mic/Headphones Setup for Professional Client Calls:

Best Keyboard / Desk Setup for Freelancers and Digital Nomads:

Fun / Useful stuff for traveling:

Best Font Website:

All of the links above are direct to the manufacture (because we’re tired of Amazon being super monopolistic) and none are affiliate/referral links and we (or someone at Folyo) has personally have used everything on this list.

If you’re looking for clients + an amazing deal on a bunch of other stuff, check out a Folyo subscription because it comes with some awesome goodies.

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