How to Get Clients Fast

By Robert Williams

“Got some free time? Work on your positioning!”

That’s terrible advice. I cringe when I see freelancers who need work fast following it. Why? Freelancers already work too damn much on things like their positioning! “Oh I’m refining my precious delicate positioning!” Shut the hell up. You made $6k last year. You need to take action. Not on your positioning or your portfolio or your process but on things that will actually help you find clients and increase your income.

Here’s a list of awesome things you can do this week to find clients fast, and skip stroking your ego. Each one is pulled from stuff I’ve seen work for freelancers in my referral community. They work again and again and nobody does them.

Day 1 – EMAIL ALL YOUR PAST CLIENTS, for the love of god this works.

If you say you want work and you don’t do this, you’re not really serious.

The number one way to land a client quickly is to email people you’ve worked for in the past. Yes, those clients you wish would email you to give you gobs and gobs of money… YOU can actually email THEM too. 🤯

Nobody does this, and honestly it’s moronic. Instead they spend hours trying to come up with an amazing Instagram post that non one will ever see.

Then truth is that the likelihood one of your past clients needs your help right now, is high! It’s on you to be a good service provider and email them the following:

Hi [Bob]! Happy Wednesday. How’s everything at Widget Co.? Anything I can do to help?

Bob will absolutely love receiving this email from you if there’s something he needs help with. If not, he will still appreciate you reaching out.

There’s no downside, and it’s the absolute fastest way to win a client, period. It’s always faster and easier to sell to someone who’s bought from you before.

Day 2 – DM someone who needs a freelancer via Slack.

There are ton of great Slack communities out there. Find some that have your ideal clients, and join.

A quick Google search will turn up a ton of great ones.

Find Slack groups to find web design clients fast

A quick Google search will help you find Slack groups with your ideal clients.

They likely already have a channel specifically for sharing referrals. So when you see an interesting project pop up, DM the them.

Hey Bill, saw your message looking for X. I’m a web designer and have worked on a couple similar projects. Happy to point you in the right direction, wanna chat?

That’s it. Build real relationships with people by providing value in a human way. It goes a long way.

This is a quick way to book 3-5 sales calls this week. Here are some Slack communities I’d start with:

Day 3 – Follow up on old job posts by sending a thoughtful follow-up email.

Most people want to be the first to reply to a job post, but very few companies decide to hire quickly. Often it takes months.

That makes specialty web design job boards a gold mine of opportunity. Look for jobs that are about a month old and reach out with:

Hey [Bob], I saw you were looking for a remote UI designer to redesign you app about a month ago. Are you the right person to talk to about this?

It’s likely you’re emailing them at time when they’re much less busy, and yet in a better position to actually hire someone. Bonus: Here’s a video on how to automate it:

Day 4 – Ask for referrals (and send one today).

As you go about implementing idea #3, you’ll come across projects and jobs that are perfect for someone you know. Offer to share them with that person!

Hi Steve, I came across a client that might be a fit for the type of work you do. Are you currently looking for work? Happy to send an intro.

If he says yes, email both the client and the freelancer the following:

Hi John, I saw you’re looking to hire X. Meet Steve, he’s an awesome freelancer that I thought might be a fit for what you need. Let me know if I can help further!

Then let Steve know you’re also looking for work and to let you know if any referrals come in.

When you do something awesome for someone else without them asking, they tend to do it back.

Day 5 – Find an RFP on LinkedIn, and message the person who posted it.

Tons of companies and clients are looking for websites and posting RFPs online right now. These are great gigs to go after.

My favorite place to find these is Linkedin.

How to search for high-paying client RFPs on Linkedin

How to search for high-paying client RFPs on Linkedin

My favorite part about LinkedIn is that you can message the people who post the RFP (and often times wrote it!) directly on the platform.

This is exactly what Joey Kirk, owner of Made by Munsters, did recently (here’s a full case study where he even shared his templates with me).

That’s it!

These 5 things are enough to keep you busy this week and drastically increase the chance you win a project in the next few weeks. Compare that to endlessly working on your portfolio or you positioning statement that will never be seen.

Just don’t stop there. These actions will continue to work EVERY week. And here’s the truth. They work BECAUSE most people aren’t willing to do them. Most people will just read this article then go back to Twitter.

Not you. Every thing above is repeatable. It’s a system. You can actually build an entire business around this week. Create a bias towards action.

To help, you go even further I send new subscriber a free email course that breaks down the system even further. I’d love to send that to you too.

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