How to get web design clients – my 5 favorite places to find ready-to-buy design clients

By Rob Williams

In the last lesson, we talked about how to take control of getting new clients by doing outbound. Doing this takes a change in strategy.

But doing what comes next takes a change in mindset.

Your Old mindset: Scarcity

Your New mindset: Abundance

You may not have realized this but you’ve probably lived in scarcity mindset for most of your career. Example: have you ever told yourself dry spells are just a part of business?

Where the heck did that come from?

Unfortunately the answer is most likely other professionals. The fact is most consulting advice is stuck in scarcity mindset.

Every forum you go to (including favorites like designer news and hacker news) you’ll be told that dry spells are just a part of business.

You’ll be told that you can’t go get great clients, they HAVE to come to you or else they’ll be low-quality.

You’ll be told that emailing people is pointless and spammy and that ALL YOU CAN DO is update your portfolio endlessly.

So all you can do is sit and wait.

Let’s pump the brakes on this for a second.

My day-job for the past 3½ years has been going out and finding great clients. I’m able do it consistently by simply looking for projects anyone can find online.

This tiny daily action has resulted in over a million dollars in client work landed.

Had I listened to freelancers online who say it’s impossible – this never would’ve happened. So maybe they’re wrong? Maybe this is proof that you and I have the ability to control our income and our future.

What do you have to lose by believing in your own power?

Now, sure you might not be able to find every client this way… but you don’t have to – most UX and frontend design firms just need to fill the gaps in their schedule.

THAT you can do.

Best of all, it’s not really that hard.

I do it, and I’m just one guy. In fact, you can get 80% of the results yourself by just visiting 5 websites every day.

Here are the Top 5 Freelance Design Websites I recommend you start with in 2018:

  1. AngelList
  2. Hacker News
  3. WeWorkRemotely
  4. Workable
  5. RFPdb

That’s it.

There are plenty of others we will also talk about one day but for now you can find enough great clients to fill the gaps in your schedule by using just these 5 sites.

I know. I do it every day. It’s worth it. The peace of mind it will bring you, knowing that you are always just a few conversations away from a new client, is 👌.

Don’t believe the critics that say you have to live with feast or famine in your business. The truth is you can build a solid business filled with abundance if you build on a foundation of results.

If you’re curious how you can hit the ground running and use these websites efficiently, don’t worry.

That’s what we’ll dive into next. Let’s start with the top place for finding clients: AngelList.

Part 3:  The Minimalist Approach to Outbound Client Sales

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