8 Swipe-Worthy Lead Magnets for Freelancers

By Robert Williams

In this post I’m going to give you a peek at my freelance and agency lead magnet swipe file. These are examples of awesome lead magnets that freelancers and agencies use to attract clients. I recommend you use them as a starting point for your website, instead of just a typical portfolio.

Why you should use a lead magnet?

Based on the research I’ve done, lead magnets perform 2-3x better than portfolios at attracting clients. The reason for this is that lead magnets focus on presenting the client a compelling offer, while portfolios tend to focus 100% on the freelancer.

As you check out the examples below, ask yourself how you can create a compelling offer for your potential clients. For example, what questions do clients as on sales calls? Can you answer one of them with a free download? That’s typically what a great lead magnet looks like.

Anyone can offer a lead magnet. That’s why I’ve tried to feature several different examples below.

Onto the lead magnet examples…


Shopify Web Design Lead Magnet Example

Kurt Elster’s Shopify web design agency, Ethercycle, features a free marketing guide. It reads: “HOW’S AN ENTREPRENEUR LIKE ME SUPPOSED TO SCALE MY SHOPIFY STORE?” and then offers to teach you how to grow your store via email. Cat-nip for Shopify stores.

Ethercycle's Web Design Lead Magnet Example


Freelance Web Design Lead Magnet Example

Freelance web designer Rachael Kay Albers offers prospects a free ebook called “Don’t hire a designer (until you reed this…)” A counter-intuitive offer that positions her as an advisor instead of just a freelancer.

Rachael Kay Alber runs RKA ink and offers a special web design lead magnet

Fix My Churn

Email Marketing Lead Magnet Example

Val Geisler’s email marketing agency Fix My Churn offers retention focused copywriting services. Her footer reads: “Get Open Rates – Your guide to email marketing that works (and a whole lot that doesn’t). See weekly dissections of real campaigns showing up in inboxes everywhere.” Breakdowns of other companies email marketing helps highlight her expertise.

Val Geisler's Fix My Churn lead magnet example


Design Consultancy Lead Magnet Example

Nick Disabato’s a/b testing and design consultancy Draft offers a weekly newsletter on designing for business value. The headline is: “Profit from what works.”

Draft's design consultancy lead magnet example

Next Level Wardrobe

Style Consultant Lead Magnet Example

Cassandra Sethi runs Next Level Wardrobe and is a personal stylist in NYC. Her headline reads: “Find out what the 3 items you need in your closet today!” Then proceeds to list 3 things you’ll learn by signing up: why celebrities looks SO good, brands she recommends, and how to create outfits you’ll love to wear. Awesome.

Next Level Wardrobe's style consultant lead magnet example

Knapsack Creative

Squarespace Design Lead Magnet Example

A super simple offer. Benjamin Manley’s Squarespace design agency Knapsack Creative has an opt in on their blog that simply reads: “Knapsack Trail Guide – Tips and tools to help you do what you love.”

Knapsack's Squarespace design lead magnet example

Kyle Adams

Freelance Photographer Lead Magnet Example

Kyle Adams offers free resource with “The Top 5 photos every business needs to impress” which ties perfectly to his freelance photography offering.

Kyle Adam's freelance photographer lead magnet

Kieran Tie

Freelance Writer Lead Magnet Example

Kieran Tie, a freelance writer for SaaS and ecommerce businesses, offers a free newsletter that reads: “Discover what’s important and make time for what matters … including new ideas, stories, and links from around the web on balanced ambition, mindful productivity, freelancing, and making time for what matters.”

Kieran Tie's freelance writer lead magnet example

Compare these websites to your freelance website. What’s the difference?

Then try to see if you can spot the technique ALL of these websites are using. Here’s a hint:

Jay Abraham says the biggest reason businesses fail to grow is that their own expertise gets in the way. They’re just too close to their own business. They have TOO MUCH knowledge and can’t see the forest for the trees.

Creating a lead magnet can help force you to create an offer that focuses on what your clients want, instead of getting lost in a sea of case studies.

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