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The Top 5 Website Design RFPs Sites for 2019

By Rob Williams

Last year I found over 100 high-quality Website Design RFPs for subscribers of my job site.

Why RFPs? Because most of them had great budgets of $30,000 or more. And surprisingly, I was able to find almost all of them using just a few sites.

Disclaimer: some agencies hate RFPs because they’re time consuming and (admittedly) not the funnest way ever to win work – but I agree with Mike Monteiro who mentions RFPs specifically in his book Design is a Job as particularly great source for new work:

There are many good organizations that have to go through an RFP process to hire anyone. And those are good jobs to go after. People who tell you they don’t go after RFPs and people who tell you they don’t have meetings are both lying to you. – Mike Monteiro

Where to find Web Design RFPs

The following list is my current top 5 websites for finding great web design projects. You can actually skip this entire process and just have me hand deliver them to you by signing up for my newsletter here. Without further ado let’s look at the sites, in order:

How to use Facebook to find companies posting Web Design RFPs

5. Facebook

A ton of organizations and companies have also taken to Facebook for promoting their RFPs. Like Linkedin, you’ll have to sort through a lot of content marketing and irrelevant spam – but it’s usually good for 2-3 RFPs per week.

Unfortunately I rank them last because of their clunky UI. You’re going to want to limit your search to content posted in the last month, but to do it’s a little difficult to setup.

The major bug that will slow you down most during this process is having to choose this filter every time you alter your search because Facebook doesn’t save the preference.

How to use the RFPdb to find companies posting Web Design RFPs

4. The RFPDB

The RFPDB is a great resource and co-op where agencies share RFPs with one another. There’s even a web development section that I’ve found is good for 1-2 great RFPs each month or so.

On RFPDB you purchase credits to exchange for RFPs. Ultimately this comes out to about 5 RFPs for $10. Insider tip: I’ve found I usually have to go through about 3 RFPs before I find a good one on there – so budget accordingly.

How to use Linkedin to find companies posting Web Design RFPs

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is a bit of a new-comer to the game. I actually would have ranked them higher if it wasn’t for the amount of content marketing you have to sift to find the quality RFPs.

On the bright-side Linkedin has a huge advantage because you can often connect with – and message – the proposal writer / decision-maker directly on the platform.

My biggest recommendation is to use the keywords: “rfp”, “looking for”, “seeking”, and “email”. This will help eliminate a lot of the “how to write an RFP” marketing that is common on seemingly every platform.

How to use Google to find companies posting Web Design RFPs

2. Google

Because of the vast number of sites indexed each day, you can find dozens of companies and organizations RFPs directly on Google. The trick, however, is to set your search up for success in a few ways:

  • Limit your search to just pages posted in the last month.
  • Use the keyword: “type:pdf” to only show PDFs.
  • Use the keyword: “RFP” or “Request for Proposals”
  • Use the keyword: “website design”
Folyo is the best option for finding Website Design RFPs fast and easy

1. Folyo

Folyo is my site. We feature every RFP we find posted on the sites above. Plus a decent number of exclusive website design RFPs found no where else. In addition, you don’t pay for each RFP. Instead, the price is a flat $79/month. You save countless hours and get 100s of other opportunities as well (Folyo also features job board monitoring).

It takes 1-2 hours a week to find hundreds of Web Design RFPs each year

Altogether these 5 sites generate 100+ high-quality website design RFPs last year.

Once you have a systematized process for responding to these RFPs, they can be almost a guaranteed way to add six-figures + to your bottom line.

As mentioned above, since finding RFPs takes 1-2 hours per week, I offer to curate and send you all RFPs as part of your membership to Folyo. That way, you can spend your time writing effective proposals.

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