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Web Design Leads for Sale: What’s the Best Site in 2022?

By Robert Williams | Last Updated: May 11, 2022

Every web design agency wants a list of “perfect-match” web design leads because consistently finding high quality leads in need of your services right now is one of the most difficult problems your agency faces.

Most lead generation strategies like social media, SEO, and email marketing can take years of investment before they generate any new leads. That’s why these tactics aren’t right for every web design agency or freelancer.

Buying a high-quality lead list to supplement your agency pipeline can be one of the wisest moves you make this year. But there are also some pitfalls to be aware of. Below we’ll walk through the best options for finding high-quality web design leads for your agency.

4 Non-Negotiable Criteria for Good Web Design Leads

The quality of “leads” for sale online can vary wildly depending on source. Some websites that claim to sell “qualified” leads actually sell randomly generated lists of fake or dead email addresses. Contacting these “leads” can damage your email deliverability permanently as a result.

So what’s the solution? Are all these leads worthless? Do good web design leads for sale online even exist?

The answer is yes. Finding good web design leads for sale online is possible but it takes understanding what a good lead is and how it gets sourced. To help, here’s my criteria for a good qualified lead:

1. Good Leads Must Have High Problem Awareness

Unlike a lead list generated by scraping a domain registrar, a good web design lead not only wants a new website, they’re already looking to pay someone to get it built.

In other words, they know they have a problem, and value a solution highly enough to pay to solve it. You don’t want to waste time pitching someone who doesn’t know they need what you sell. That’s why the leads we share inside of my Folyo PRO Lead Program for agencies have a public Request For Proposal or RFP available.

What’s great about this is that it ensures these people are interested in having your company reach out to them. This makes the sales process 10× easier.

2. Good Leads Must Have a Realistic Budget

The next criteria for a good web design lead is a realistic high-paying budget. It doesn’t matter if a client is looking to hire a web design company if they don’t have the resources required to pay for your services.

For most, a good web design / development budget is going to be somewhere in the $5,000–$30,000+ range. The exact number can depend on the complexity of the project, of course, but if a client hasn’t stated a budget above this threshold – they may not be worth pursuing.

3. Good Leads Must Have a Strong Company Reputation

Scammy-looking companies are never good leads. If a company doesn’t look reputable or trust-worthy, they most likely aren’t worth pursuing. The chances are very high that they will either not convert or make a bad client. In fact, I’d stay away from entire industries (like adult media or even tech startups) because they tend to generate companies with bad reputations.

4. Good Leads Must Have a Realistic Scope of Work

One final criteria I recommend is a realistic work scope outlined for the project. In combination with budget, a realistic scope of work usually equals realistic expectations throughout the project.

If a client wants an Ebay clone built in 3 days for $500, this is an obvious warning flag – and even substantial budgets can become impractical if the scope of work isn’t appropriate.

These 4 criteria are the bare minimum prerequisites web design agencies should use to filter leads. You might choose to be even more strict or specific (for example, qualifying by industry) about the leads you pursue.

Where to Find Good Web Design Leads

With the criteria above in place, here are some high-quality websites you may interested in buying leads from:

1. Folyo PRO Leads Program

Since I’m writing this guide to you I thought I’d mention what I believe is the absolute best option first.

I’ve taken the criteria above and created a done-for-you lead finding service that generates the best web design and WordPress leads into one place for you, called The Folyo PRO Leads Program.

Where our leads come from: Our leads are sourced directly from decision-makers at companies who have either 1) reached out to us directly or 2) publicly posted in search of a freelancer or agency. In short, it means every lead we send is a WARM lead. They KNOW they need help and actively looking to hire that help RIGHT NOW.

How we qualify them: On top of sourcing leads who are already in the buying process, we hand-qualify each opportunity to make sure they’re great opportunities worth $5,000–$50,000 in project work. The way that we ensure this is by reading the job post and/or RFP thoroughly before featuring it.

How the bidding process works: We’ve gotten hundreds of testimonials from agencies and freelancers who’ve landed clients from the program in as little as a few weeks. Upon signing up you get instant access to all the leads in the program. When you identify a lead you want to pursue you reach out to the decision makers at the company directly, typically via email or with a proposal. That’s it!

Because they’re no longer having to go find leads yourself, our customers are able to fine-tune their pitching process and develop high-converting proposals, email templates and other processes that win them new business.

How much it costs: Both the Web Design and WordPress leads plans cost $97/month, which comes out to about $3.27 per lead sent. If you found the leads in our program yourself, it would take 10+ hours per week. Multiply that by your hourly rate and that’s the return you get in available billable hours.

I honestly believe that Folyo’s leads newsletters are the best option for 99% designers and developers looking for new web design leads. However, if for whatever reason it’s not for you, here are some other options.

2. BuiltWith

For freelancers or agencies that only work with a very specific technology set, one option might be BuiltWith. They won’t be warm leads, but BuiltWith analyzes millions of websites and sends you a list of leads that use the type of framework or platform you request. So if you only work with Shopify-Plus websites, they can help you find a list of these companies. Keep in mind you’ll be reaching out to unsuspecting companies so you’ll have to increase frequency and volume of your emails to see success.

3. RFPdb

RFPdb is an RFP listing exchange where agencies can buy RFPs or get access to them by sharing RFPs on the platform. I occasionally use them to find RFPs to feature on the lead newsletter, however if you poke around on the site you’ll notice there’s really only a handful of RFPs each week in the web development category. If you do other services like more general business consulting and strategy work, RFPdb might be a good option for you because they cater to a wide range of service providers.

4. Dribbble Pro

Dribbble PRO is a new subscription offered by Dribbble where you get access to a list of freelance jobs on the platform. You can still access and email these jobs for free without a Pro account, however you won’t be able to see the company information. Most of the projects look pretty low quality. 90% of them specifiy a budget of $50-$1K which is a pretty big range, and I assume Dribbble’s minimum budget criteria. So there are some questions about lead quality.


RFPMART is a subscription RFP marketplace that offers a good number of RFPs. While the volume of leads is good, it can take some time to sort through and pick out the opportunities you actually want to contact. That is another benefit of the Folyo PRO Leads Program, every lead has been pre-qualified for you and you won’t have to waste your time on 90 page RFPs.

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