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Where to Find Good Web Design Leads for Sale Online

By Robert Williams | Last Updated: September 23, 2021

Every web designer wants it. A list of “perfect-match” business owners in need of web design work right now. It’s an instant solution to a complicated and difficult problem: getting high quality web design leads.

But most lead generation strategies like social media, SEO, and email marketing can take years of investment and maintenance before you generate new leads. I’ve done it myself, and I believe these tactics are NOT right for every freelancer or web design agency looking to generate leads and find potential customers.

That’s why figuring out whether buying leads to supplement your pipeline is right for your web design business, can be one of wisest moves you make in 2021. Below we’ll walk through your best options for generating high quality leads.

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Our 4 Non-Negotiable Criteria for Finding a Good Web Design Lead

The problem with most web design leads for sale online is that they are not qualified, or often even real leads. In fact, the quality of “leads” for sale online can vary wildly depending on the source.

Some websites that claim to sell “qualified” leads really provide random lists of fake email addresses or dead leads that will hurt your company’s reputation, kill your conversion rates, and even permanently affect your email deliverability if you contact them.

Unfortunately, in my experience, this is the case with most lead services available to web designers today. In fact, if you’ve ever bought a list of potential clients from a website claiming to sell exclusive web design leads you most likely received a spreadsheet full of random names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information – probably generated via some scraping automation.

Here’s the truth about how these “lead” lists are created: they’re usually scraped from low-quality 3rd-party sources like domain and business registrars. In other words, they’re not leads or potential new clients at all. These lead lists have often not even given permission to be pitched by your company and are completely unaware their information has been sold!

As such, these “leads” should be deemed worthless by professional freelancers.

But wait, putting aside ethics for a moment, you might say: isn’t someone who bought a domain recently more likely to need web design services than the average Joe?

Maybe slightly. But millions of people buy domains or register their business everyday with no budget or intention of ever hiring a web designer. Emailing these “leads” is not just a huge waste of time, it carries a huge risk: being marked as spam and severely impacting your email deliverability and reputation.

This can even make your emails to existing web design clients stop arriving altogether. 😱

You don’t want that. Trust me.

So if most lead sources are essentially worthless – what’s the solution? Do good web design leads even exist for sale online?

Yes. Finding good web design leads for sale online is possible but it takes understanding what a good lead is and how it gets sourced.

To help, here’s my criteria for a qualified lead:

The above criteria is the bare minimum I recommend for most web designers. You can choose to go even tighter or target specific industries if it’s right for your business but I wouldn’t recommend going below these minimums.

If you use these requirements for what qualifies a good lead, most websites that sell leads online don’t qualify. There are a few exceptions though, so next let’s walk-through what those are:​

Want more high-paying web design clients?

You need more leads. Finding these opportunities can take hours. Instead, just enter your email and you'll get 10+ valuable leads for FREE!

By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Folyo. We'll respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Folyo’s Web Design Leads Newsletter

So technically, this isn’t a lead marketplace. But since I’m writing this guide to you I thought I’d mention what I believe is the absolute best option first.

I’ve taken everything I put mention above and created a done-for-you lead finding service that puts the best web design and WordPress leads into one weekly email you can skim each week.

If you found the leads on our newsletter yourself, it would take you 10+ hours per week. Multiply that by your hourly rate. That’s the return you get in available billable hours.

Now it’s easy to claim we have the best leads but let’s break down what makes the leads we find high-quality:

Where our leads come from

As mentioned above, great leads are actively looking to hire a web design / development firm right now. That’s why our leads are sourced directly from decision-makers at companies who have either reached out to us directly or have publicly posted in search of a freelancer or agency.

Commonly, this means they’ve posted their job opportunity or RFP on a company newsletter, LinkedIn post, Slack community, or Job Board.

Or they’ve emailed us.

In short, it means you can be sure that every lead we send is a WARM lead. They KNOW they need help and actively looking to hire that help RIGHT NOW.

This increases your chances of hearing back because you’re exclusively emailing leads looking to hire and not the typical “spray-and-pray” approach that most firms do when contacting cold leads online.

How we qualify them

On top of sourcing leads who are already in the buying process, we hand-qualify each opportunity to make sure they’re great opportunities worth $5,000–$50,000 in project work.

The way that we ensure this is by reading the job post and/or RFP thoroughly before featuring it. This is where the bulk of your 10+ hour per week time-savings comes in.

Because we look through thousands and thousands of jobs per week it means you don’t have to.

If you’ve ever tried doing something like this yourself with sheer willpower alone, you know how tough it is. 99% of freelancers won’t do this qualifying on a consistent basis. These great jobs aren’t getting responded to by the number of freelancers they should be.

And honestly, it means that the leads we send you have a higher chance of responding.

How the bidding process works

To get a peak at what winning a project off our newsletter looks like, check out our case studies. We’ve gotten hundreds of testimonials from designers who’ve landed real projects in a few months.

The way it works is when you buy a monthly or yearly subscription to this newsletter, you get instant access to every lead sent each week. There’s no pay per bid or referral fee system.

So you can email all of the leads we send you or just a handful each week at no difference to you. This a feature that our customers really appreciate, especially when they’ve come from other lead sites that require referral fees which can eat up tens of thousands of dollars of profit each year.

When you identify a lead you want to pursue you reach out to the decision makers at the company directly, typically via email. We recommend sending at least one follow up each week after your initial email but you can test and tweak your approach to best optimize what works for you.

Because they’re no longer having to go find leads yourself, our customers are able to fine-tune their pitching process and develop high-converting proposals, email templates and other processes that win them new business.

When you pay us your monthly subscription, our fee is done. Whether you land one project or make hundreds of thousands of dollars in new web design clients, you won’t have to pay more.

How much it costs

Both the Web Design and WordPress leads newsletter cost $97/month. This comes out to about $3.27 per lead sent. One of the most comment things we hear from customers is that landing just one client paid for their subscription for life.

You can click here to try the Web Design Leads Newsletter now and get 50% off your first month.

I honestly believe that Folyo’s leads newsletters are the best option for 99% designers and developers looking for new web design leads.

However, if for whatever reason it’s not for you, here are some other options.

Other options for web design leads for sale


For freelancers or agencies that only work with a very specific technology set, one option might be BuiltWith.

They won’t be warm leads, but BuiltWith analyzes millions of websites and sends you a list of leads that use the type of framework or platform you request.

So if you only work with Shopify-Plus websites, they can help you find a list of these companies. Keep in mind you’ll be reaching out to unsuspecting companies so you’ll have to increase frequency and volume of your emails to see success.


RFPdb is an RFP listing exchange where agencies can buy RFPs or get access to them by sharing RFPs on the platform.

I occasionally use them to find RFPs to feature on the lead newsletter, however if you poke around on the site you’ll notice there’s really only a handful of RFPs each week in the web development category.

If you do other services like more general business consulting and strategy work, RFPdb might be a good option for you because they cater to a wide range of service providers.


FlexJobs is another option mentioning if you’re looking for more of a part-time virtual assistant or work-from-home gig.

In my experience the jobs posted on their site cater more towards the work-from-home mom types. So gigs that require less expertise than you might expect from a web design specific site, but there are still good jobs worthy of reaching out to if you’re a freelancer.

Dribbble Pro

This is a new subscription offered by Dribbble where you get access to a list of freelance jobs on the platform.

You can still access and email these jobs for free without a Pro account, however you won’t be able to see the company information.

Most of the projects look pretty low quality. 90% of them specifiy a budget of $50-$1K which is a pretty big range, and I assume Dribbble’s minimum budget criteria. So there are some questions about lead quality.

However, we qualify and include the best of these Dribbble jobs in the Folyo leads newsletter. So if you have a Folyo leads newsletter already, you can skip the Dribbble Pro subscription and save about $240 per year.

That’s it!

These are some of the best options out there when it comes to buying web design leads online in 2021 if you’re a freelancer or agency owner.

Did I miss anything? Is there somewhere you go to buy good leads that I haven’t included above?

If so, reply to this email and let me know I’d love to add it to my list and potentially even monitor and include it in my Web Design and WordPress leads newsletters.


Robert Williams is the owner of Folyo and has been in the Freelance industry since 2013. Since then, his mission is to make finding leads easy for everyone. Each year he helps thousands of freelancers and agencies add millions of dollars in client revenue to their bottom line.
Want more high-paying web design clients?

You need more leads. Finding these opportunities can take hours. Instead, just enter your email and you'll get 10+ valuable leads for FREE!

By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Folyo. We'll respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time.