WFH Gear for Freelancers

By Robert Williams

If you’re looking to improve your workspace (or freelance business in general) we’ve put together a list of some awesome gifts for freelancers below.

Note: I’m protesting Amazon because they pay less in taxes than you do, so none of the links below will be to Amazon. I now look to buy directly from the manufacturer whenever possible.

The gifts for freelancers and remote workers below are from companies worth supporting.

Notebooks and planners

  • Field Notes Notebooks
    Rob – These little notebooks, created by Aaron Draplin, are the perfect size for a freelancer. They can go in your pocket and help you take client meeting notes, sketch out designs, anything you can think of. Plus each one tells a super fun story so it’s a great case study on selling products and services through story-telling.
  • The Design Trust Diary planner
    Super interesting planner. I haven’t used it but it seems like it would definitely help you plan your business quite a bit. Seems like a great gift for a freelancer.
  • Daytimer Planner
    This is the planner recommended by Lee Cockerell in Time Management Magic. I used it for most of 2018 and found it to be a simple but refreshing way to start the day. 

Posture-Improving Stuff:

  • Naipo Back Massager 
    Rob – As freelancer you probably sit on your chair and work for long hours. That can be a strain. This electric massager is awesome for rejuvenating your back and lower body at the end of the day (or throughout it!). Sweat pants optional.
  • Rain Laptop Stand
    Rob – I run my entire business off my macbook. I love this laptop stand because it helps my posture be in a comfortable position all day long.
  • Herman Miller Sayl Chair
    Rob – This one is on my wishlist. I picked the Sayl chair because it’s really affordable while still being a Herman Miller. I’ve found that similar to mattresses, office chairs are a really valuable investment – so I’m not likely to skimp when I pick up my next one. 

Best Mic/Headphones Setup for Professional Client Calls:

  • Audio Technica Podcast Mic 
    Rob – This is a tip I got from Justin Jackson (who runs my podcast hosting app Transistor). It’s the mic I use for recording episodes of Freelance and it does a great job of removing background noise too. So if you’re looking to improve the professionalism of your sales calls look no further. Great gift for a freelancer who’s looking to start a podcast.
  • Beats Studio3 Wireless 
    Molly – This one is a recommendation from a Folyo Slack member. The recommended set headphones for blocking out noise when working on something or taking calls.
  • Easel Desk Calendar
    Molly – A cool little easel calendar you can design yourself and keep on top of meetings/calls/events right from your desk!

Best Keyboard / Desk Setup for Freelancers and Digital Nomads:

  • Logitech Wireless Touch
    Molly – I think one of the most important factors when working remotely or while traveling is having lightweight tools that are comfortable to use, love this keyboard.
  • Super Affordable Desk Organizer 
    Molly – I found when I don’t have a dedicated area to put things, it’s easy to get disorganized. I found this really affordable organization system that you can customize for what you need while still being affordable.

Fun / Useful stuff for traveling:

  • Scratch off Map World Poster Travel Edition 
    Molly – As a digital nomad, this is the perfect travel companion for all the places you visit!
  • Travel Card Charger
    Molly – Instead of worrying about finding the best seat with the closest charging port I invested in this little travel card charger that I use when traveling now, and love it.
  • Rains Backpack 
    Molly – This minimal looks awesome for short commutes like the local coffee shop or coworking office. Super easy to carry around!

Best Font Website:

  • Future Fonts
    Rob – This is the absolute best affordable font website I’ve found. I love a ton of these fonts and they’re super cheap! Folyo’s website features Phanton Sans from Future Fonts.

All of the links above are direct to the manufacture (because we’re tired of Amazon being super monopolistic) and none are affiliate/referral links and we (or someone at Folyo) has personally have used everything on this list.

If you’re looking for clients + an amazing deal on a bunch of other stuff, check out a Folyo subscription because it comes with some awesome goodies.

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