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What is my Dream Job? Disney World… and Here’s How I Made Into a Business

By Julie Elster

Folyo is all about building a business that lets you do the work you love and that’s why Rob asked me to share my story today. When people ask me what I do for a living I get excited because I get to answer: my dream job. What is my dream job, you ask? Going to Disney World… well… technically, I run a Disney World planning website called Double Your WDW.

What is my dream job? This is.
What’s my dream job? This is.

I started this business in 2018 and now I spend every day doing something I love. But It took me a long time to figure out how to create a business that combined the flexibility I wanted and the things that I feel passionate about. So in this post I want to share how I did it, incase you’ve struggled with finding a business idea or niche that’s both profitable and passion-inducing.

“What is My Dream Job?”

So don’t worry if you aren’t totally passionate about your current gig. I didn’t always make money by going to Disney World. For many, many years. I worked in a cubicle. It was ok. It paid the bills and I was grateful. But I never felt passionate about what I was doing. I felt like a soul-less cog in a machine.

Then I had children, and this lifestyle simply became impossible. I couldn’t balance a 40-hour workweek with the needs of my children. I started to feel lost. And it lasted years.

How I found my Dream Job and Turned it Into a Business Idea

At one of the lowest points in my career, my extended family began planning a trip to Walt Disney World. While everyone else felt overwhelmed at the idea of booking restaurants 6 months in advance, coming up with touring plans for the parks, and deciding which rides to reserve for FastPass (Yes. These are things you need to do when you plan a trip to Disney World.) I absolutely loved it! I found myself joyfully writing long emails to the entire family with tips to maximize our time at the parks.

That’s how I knew I had stumbled into something that could be my dream job. But knowing what your dream job might be and actually doing it are two very different things.

Even your most favoritest of hobbies will suck if you don’t know how to balance it with other things you care about, like family. That’s why I’d like to challenge you today to think beyond your business idea or niche. Here’s how.

Use this Formula: Your Passion + Your Customer’s Context = YOUR Dream Job

Do you know how many Disney websites there are out there? A lot. But in just 1 year I have been able to make a significant mark with my content. I did this by niching down to Disney World Planning for first-timers who are bringing along small children.

You’d be shocked at how many “Disney experts” roam the parks alone when creating their touring plans. But I can tell you from experience, being at the parks alone is VERY different than being there with a 2-year-old who throws her shoes off every 5 minutes and screams for ice cream every time you pass a snack stand.

A video I created sharing the context behind my dream job.

So thats my key differentiator. I make sure it’s known that I’m a mom of 3 who is actually hitting the parks with kids. I AM my client. This makes me stand out and makes me relate to other moms trying to plan their vacations. So yes what you do should bring you joy – but it should also serve a larger, hairier, context that a subset of your potential customer are facing.

Find a unique niche in whatever industry you are interested in to really stand out.

Next, the Key to Creating a Dream Job is Prioritizing Your Time and Getting Organized

Just because you are doing something you enjoy doesn’t mean that it will always be fun. Yes, my job requires me to spend time at Disney World. But it also means I have to spend time writing and maintaining articles and pages on my website. Even when I am at the parks, I have a long list of things I have to accomplish (not to mention 3 kids and a husband who demand my time). So knowing my priorities, and keeping up a regular schedule are key to making my dream job actually work.

My advice here is to find a schedule that works for you, and stick to it every single day. I get work done in the morning while the older kids are at school, and my youngest is eating breakfast and watching cartoons. I know that this is my sweet spot where I can sit in my office and really get work done. Like Lee Cockerell (Ex-VP of Walt Disney World) shared in the latest episode of Freelance, working for yourself means micro-managing yourself. Do it or risk turning your dream job into a nightmare.

Find the times you are more motivated and have the least amount of interruptions. Prioritize your work, and have your to-do list ready to go during these peak productive times.

Take an Investment Mindset, Especially When it Comes to Automation

Even with great time management skills, there will always be tasks that suck up your time. For example, I recently discovered Tailwind which has brought my website a ton of traffic. It’s saved me a ton of time promoting content on Pinterest and I’ve been able to instead spend that time with my family. For freelance designers, a tool like Pipedrive is a great way to automate an important aspect of your business.

Pipedrive Price: $15/month The best way to automate your pipeline process. Take all your valuable conversations out of your head (or messy inbox) and make it easy to manage in one place. Free 14-day Trial Pipedrive We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

More than anything, it’s important to actually use tools and setup processes that will automate the sucky chores away. Because no one’s idea of a dream job is doing things they hate.

There’s No Rule That Your Dream Job Can’t Involve Your Family

Obviously, for a Disney business, it’s easy to get my kids involved. If it means a trip to Disney World, they are always willing to share their opinions on character meals, rides, and the best pools at the resorts. But even if your business isn’t as child-friendly, I think it’s worthwhile to look for ways to get your kids, partner, or whoever is your support system involved. Some ideas:

  • Ask your kids to help you set up your home office
  • Having your partner proofread your blog posts
  • Bounce ideas off of your parents or best friend

Even small stuff can bring you closer and help you talk through any issues, frustrations, or roadblocks you might be having with your business.

Lastly, Remember to Keep at It. It’s Worth Finding Your Dream Job.

Folyo offers a ton of awesome dream jobs and other opportunities for freelance designers. Make sure to check those out. If you do end up landing or even creating your dream job, I hope you find yourself enjoying what you do, and being able to spend more time with the people you love. And maybe even book that Disney World vacation one day. 🐭

About Julie Elster...

Julie Elster is a Disney World obsessed mother of three on a mission to help people have their best Disney World vacation. Learn more at Double Your WDW