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One of our goals for Folyo Subscriptions is to make it such a ridiculously great value that it’s a total no-brainer for anyone who wants to make more money as an independent product designer.

So we’re continually adding a bunch of new awesome stuff to your subscription.

To help you keep it all straight, here’s a quick rundown of everything that’s included with a PRO Folyo membership:

Full Access to Folyo’s Referral Newsletter and Job Site

This is our flagship product. It’s the fastest way is to grow your client network ever. Broken down, it’s simple: every day Folyo finds companies now hiring freelance designers and agencies and send them to you. Each year, we help designers make millions of dollars with these leads, and by upgrading you get 10× the amount of jobs with a tiny fraction of the competition. It’s the only way to get every single exclusive project posted to Folyo and nowhere else. Try writing a new blog post that generates hundreds of awesome leads each month, go ahead we’ll wait.

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Folyo Friends Slack Referral Community

Getting a referral from someone you trust is simply the best way to find a new client. But what if you don’t get enough of them? We get it. It’s tough to generate new referrals. That’s why we created a referral and coworking community for Folyo members designed to help you do exactly that. You get 24-hour access to this like-minded community business owners, including me and others, that will help you overcome the biggest obstacles you face. Surround yourself with people who share your goals and are trenches with you designing and building products. Find work with a little help from your friends.

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Expert Website Teardown Webinar Invites + Library Access

About once a month, Folyo hosts an industry expert for live, member-only website strategy sessions. Only members get invited to have their website reviewed on the call + access to over 5+ hours of teardowns, like:

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Endless Client Generator RSS Plugin

Members now get access to a tool we everyday at Folyo. We call it the Endless Client Generator RSS Plugin. It’s a simple .OPML download that you can plug into any RSS reader and see all the best job boards in one place. It’s a huge head-start on finding awesome leads each month and it’s the exact list we monitor here at Folyo ourselves.

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Emails That Win You Clients Ebook

This is a 90+ page template library designed to get you up to speed quickly and back to focusing on the craft you love. The strategies I include are extracted from the biggest breakthroughs and problems freelancers in your exact position faced, like: how to get leads to read your emails, how to address real needs clients will pay you for, how to write so you compel clients to take action, how to make your emails insanely interesting, how to get the conversation going quickly and naturally, and how to know what you’re sending is good and effective. And way more.

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3 Months Free: Noko Time Tracking

Noko (previously known as Freckle) is the absolute best app for tracking your (or your team’s) time.

It helps you make time-tracking a breeze so that you get more efficiency out of every hour worked. Super excited about this partnership because time management skills are so important to being a great professional freelance designer / agency owner.

This app is the best way to make sure you are on top of your time. 

Ready to claim your 3 months for being a Folyo member? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Noko and sign up for a trial or have an existing account
  2. Email a copy of your Folyo receipt from this page
  3. Noko will apply 3 free months to your account!

6 Months Free: Pep, Recurring Task Management

Listen, if you’ve never heard of Pep, go read the sales page right now. It’s the best app tracking and creating a process for recurring to-dos in your business.

Not only does it help improve your workflow, it helps you document and outline how you accomplish tasks in your business in the same place you do the work!

Ready to claim your 6 months for being a Folyo member? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to and sign up for a trial or have an existing account
  2. Email with a copy of your Folyo receipt from this page
  3. Pep will apply 6 free months to your account!

A Spot in the Subscriber Spotlight Waiting List

This is the only way to become a featured designer in our newsletter and Subscriber Spotlight page. About once a month, members will receive an email about one of the limited spots we open. It’s designed to be the first affordable and hands-free way to generate inbound leads as a designer. Instead of having to do a bunch of work creating content or optimizing an ad campaign and website by yourself, simply create your listing, and we’ll feature it in front of our audience.

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That’s right! All of this is included in your PRO Folyo subscription. And we’ve got plans to add even more to your subscription coming soon.

Rob Williams