Emails That Win You Clients

Battle-Tested Email Templates for Finding and Winning Client Work

As the owner of a freelance or agency business, you know your business lives & dies by email.

Why email and not your portfolio or website? Because prospects, referrals, current clients, leads and more all live in your email.

Yet, when compared to these other less important marketing channels, most of us spend a fraction of the time and energy in a top-notch email marketing strategy.

We tell ourselves a lie:

“When I’m working on a client project I don’t have the time or energy to write good emails.”

We "wing it" and often this leads to a feast or famine cycle that we have more control over than we'd like to admit. Not anymore.

Introducing Email That Win You Clients: a collection of proven battle-tested email templates that will help your business make more money

Each email template below has been tested on dozens of clients until we found the most effective, persuasive, and concise versions of emails for common client situations that produce results.

Plug these emails into your business and cut down on the wasted time, and just send the perfect email, every time, instantly.

Cold Email Templates