Emails to Clients

A Collection of Real Emails and Proposals for Designers (with the Lines That Worked)

Emails to clients and prospective clients get judged in a split-second. Yet most designers don't know that the emails they’re currently sending are client repellent.

The email examples below will show you exactly what clients look for when deciding to hire a designer, from your first introduction email to your last “closing” email.

We’ll cover the biggest mistakes that designers make (like telling a client “let me know if there’s a fit ☠️.”)

Best of all, every piece of advice featured here has been tested on over 10,000 companies that have posted remote graphic design jobs, so we know they work. Enjoy.

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Emails to Clients

The Future Client Introduction Email

This is a template (and step-by-step writing walk-through) for a cold intro email to any client or prospect that ensures you come off professional (and optimizes your response rate).

Designers, in particular, can’t afford to NOT know how to write an email like this because communication and persuasion is what we get hired to do. Knowing how to write an effective introduction email also means more revenue and control over your future.

More important than learning what to say in any template, is learning exactly how to write an introduction or any email from scratch whenever you want. That’s exactly what we cover with this email.

Who This is Best for…

  • Emailing a prospective or future client you can help
  • Cold emailing a client or company you want to learn more about
  • Pitching a LinkedIn or Twitter prospect
  • Replying to a job post or forum thread
  • Contacting a prospect when you don’t have a warm connection
  • Emailing a dream client you would love to work for

The Email Checklist for Designers

This is a checklist you can reference before hitting send on any client email. The rules are derived from ways we've noticed to increase your chances and double or triple you response rate.

Best for:

  • Before you hit send on an email to a client
  • Sending an important email and you need a response to
  • Increasing the response rate on an email you’ve already written

The Cold Shoulder Reversal Email

This is an email line and template that has been called the Magic Email because it turns dead conversations around at an amazing rate. If you have a client that isn't responding, send this email to turn things around. Basically you let them know you are done with the conversation and walking away. This makes clients magically respond.

Who This is Best for...

  • Emailing a dead lead or unresponsive client.
  • Emailing a lead that hasn't responded to your proposal.
  • Sending to clients when you're moving on.

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