Emails That Win You Clients

“I emailed every opportunity and didn’t get a single reply.”

Emailing clients is the lifeblood of any consulting business. It’s the single biggest piece of marketing you do on a daily basis. So not having a gameplan for it means you’re asking for your business to hit a brick wall.

You know the feeling if you’ve ever been overwhelmed while staring at a blank compose window and felt like every word you wrote gave you less confidence.

There’s a better way: you don’t have to rewrite the same email endlessly and still feel crappy about it after you hit send.

Yes, clients judge your emails in a split-second – BUT you can (and should) know exactly what they’re looking for in that moment, and craft your email accordingly.

When you do, you will know you’ve given yourself the best chance possible at landing the client you’re emailing.

It doesn’t take long, either.

If you have 30 minutes to prepare, you can change the way you email forever and maximize your chances using zero creativity, and zero master-persuasion skills.

You can do this today, and I will show you how.

Over a 12-month period, I asked 50+ freelancers, who were having trouble hearing back from clients, to BCC me on the emails they were sending.

I discovered a treasure trove of patterns, tricks, and strategies for improving their response rate and getting them more clients that immediately worked. Clients started chirping back more often than not.

Then I tested each strategy 1-on-1, hundreds of times with my clients. They continued to work.

However, at the end of the day I can only do that so many times and the pricing is not that affordable for a small freelancer. So I decided to share everything that I’ve learned another way.

“Consultants miss out on work because we botch the client relationship. This makes a huge difference. Take control of the conversation and truly act the expert.”
– Jarrod Drysdale 


Emails That Win

A 90+ page template library designed to get you up to speed quickly and back to focusing on the craft you love.

The strategies I include are extracted from the biggest breakthroughs and problems freelancers in your exact position faced, like:

“Amazing job of showing how to optimize those 1-1 emails, pays for itself a hundred fold.”
– Jakub Linowski,  Loading…

“Stop what you’re doing and buy this book. Robert will teach you how to write emails that make clients say ‘oh I think I wanna hire this person.’”
– Paul Jarvis 


What kind of results can I expect?

Let’s say you improve your email success rate by 5%. That would mean for every 20 emails you send, you land one extra client. That’s worth thousands of dollars a year alone. Emails that win costs $79, and if you don’t make the 5% improvement, I’ll give you a full-refund.

That said, sending 5% better emails is a really low estimate. I’ve helped people go from <1% response rate to a 30%+ response rate. That’s closer to what I expect the results to be for you if you’re reading this.

If I order now, when will I get this stuff?

Instantly. Your payment is 100% secure, and the products are delivered through Gumroad.

I don’t have time to do outreach, can I just hire you?

I’ve helped some small agencies affordably create a lead-generation / outreach team on-demand that can generate 10x the monthly investment. Get in touch for more info on this.

Will this have templates?

Yes. I love examples and include many breakdowns. However, I don’t recommend you use them word-for-word, because people can smell a form letter from a mile away. It’s more important to learn how to write effective emails from scratch.

Is this for me? What if english isn’t my first language?

Great emails are simple. It doesn’t matter if your grammar is perfect, as long as you can write clearly. I’ll teach you to sum up what you need to say.

Who are you?

Robert Williams. I own Folyo, a project alert service for freelance designers. My customers have now earned millions of dollars from the projects I send, email is huge part of that. Let’s get started.

“This will give you the tools you need to close more business with simple, effective emails.”
– Brian Casel,