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“When I was working on a client project I never had the time or energy to write good emails to new clients.”

Email is likely the single most important piece of marketing you do as a business owner. In fact, it’s the lifeblood of your business.

Prospects, job leads, referrals, current clients – they all live in your email.

Yet, compared to other marketing channels we all but ignore this area of our business.

You continue, day-by-day, operating without a strategy or game-plan.

It’s time to stop “winging” email strategy. It’s time to fix the pains we all experience:

You would never do this with other marketing channels.

With so much of your success hinging on email, why let it become a graveyard for client work?

Let me ask you something. If I looked in your email right now, what would I see?

You’d probably have a bunch of folders with cobwebs on them, emails crammed all over the place, and no real strategy to how you utilize your day to day emails … just like most freelancers.

Even thinking about it now is probably making you a little uncomfortable.

Now, consider the fact that virtually all of your new business opportunities are born and die here.

Whether it’s a new client, referral work, or past clients – most of them will approach you via email.

The crazy part is you’ve probably never focused on improving your email skills before … even though your business literally depends on it.

Sure, you’re constantly learning about design, development, or whatever you’re passionate about – but do those things have as direct of a correlation to your earning potential as email?

Does spending $1,000 adding a new design or development arrow in your cap, actually help you get new work?

Or is it just another distraction from what you should be doing: getting better at selling to clients?

After all, all the skill in the world won’t help if you can’t communicate it’s value.

Opportunities come and go. You feel unorganized. You have this terrible feeling that you might be dropping the ball all of the time.

The worst part is you accept your situation as the nature of the business.

Cold hard fact #1: you don’t have a system for writing emails so you avoid important stuff (like who’s interested, who you’ve already emailed, who you need to follow up with, etc).

It’s a big reason why thinking about email makes you feel like you’re dropping the ball.

You’re just one person. It’s not possible to remember every little detail about everything you should be doing for your business.

Still, there’s no denying that …

And that’s exactly what happens when you’re working full-time on a project and you don’t have the time or energy to write great emails.

That’s why you need to have a system that runs on autopilot.

A system that wont cripple your business just because you don’t have time to write a massive email today.

A system that allows your business to keep running with your email writing skills or without them.

Because you are one person, and most email isn’t that complicated.

Cold hard fact #2: you don’t know what to say to in your emails so opportunities slip by from companies and projects you could have helped.

Companies everywhere are looking for a freelancer like you – everyday you see job posts, tweets, and other opportunities go by.

You know you can help these companies, why does contacting them feel spammy? Worse, why don’t they respond to your emails?

One thing is for sure: you don’t want to be considered a spammer. You hate the thought of sending a bunch of shitty emails, crossing your fingers and hoping you’ll hear back.

But when you sit down to write it that’s exactly what comes out. So you tense up. You overcompensate. A surge of ideas hit you. You want to encapsulate every bit of yourself in your email.

Every word you write makes you feel less confident. Before you know it, you’ve re-written your email a hundred times and you’re still not happy. Staring at a blank screen, you ask yourself:

You don’t know the answers so you highlight it all and hit delete. It’s only a few more seconds before you give up and close the tab. You asked yourself the wrong questions.

Cold hard fact 3: you spend too much time writing the same emails you sent last week and it’s crippling your productivity and effectiveness.

You’ve probably discovered by now that a shocking amount of your time and business is spent just sending emails.

Because of this you know your business is unavoidably tied to the success of those emails. In other words you live and die by the emails you write.

If you’re an average freelancer you send over 10,000 emails per year. At that volume you repeat yourself a lot.

There’s really only a handful of emails you write.

By the 13th time you ask someone for a referral you undoubtably start to half-ass it.

The same thing happens when you approach a lead, ask a client for feedback, and more.

Why does it have to be this way? Shouldn’t every client get your best? Why can’t every email you write put you in the best position possible?

There’s only so many different types of emails you need to send. You ask for testimonials, you send cold emails, you ask for referrals, you ask clients for feedback, yet each time you write one of these emails for the millionth time, you feel yourself slipping.

I know, I hate it too.

but instead of sitting and waiting for your next client to appear, what if you could turn on client work whenever you wanted?

What if you knew the exact recipe for writing a perfect email? What if you only sent emails that gave you the best chance at landing a client?

What if you could build a source of income without having to find new clients, that consistently brought you new projects automatically without you having to lift a finger?

How about keeping your clients happier than ever by connecting with them regularly, all automatically?

What if you didn’t want to wait for work to come to you anymore? What if you wanted to be a top freelancer that attracts work strategically and automatically?

What if you could skip the years of trial and error and just send amazing emails all of the time and on-demand? What if you could leap-frog all those freelancers on hacker news that say dry spells are just a part of the game?

Imagine effortlessly writing the perfect email to any client, by following a step-by-step guide.

Better yet, imagine if by doing this you could double the number of inquiries you got, warm leads, referrals, testimonials, awesome client feedback and more… overnight.

If you could unlock the most fulfilling, meaningful freelance work of your career – what would it mean to your business?

It would mean more clients and access to better, more profitable projects. Best of all, it would mean working less and getting more out of your time.

Time is the key here. It opens up a better life.

announcing: get paid! the only video course focused on creating a profitable email system for freelance businesses.

It’s a powerful system for getting and keeping new clients that’s specifically built for a freelance business. It will totally change how you find and keep clients.

You’ll get my entire email swipe file delivered  in one daily email for 6 weeks that contains one email template that you can share with your team and learn:

But undoubtedly the best part is that once you set it up it will happen almost entirely without you. You can take time off, go on vacations, and it just keeps working.

You’ll learn how to set up automated email marketing that will do the pre-selling for you and teach potential customers about your work.

By the time someone gets in touch with you, they’ve received days, weeks, or months of valuable automated emails from you so there’s never a hard sell.

In essence, you’ll put them in control of when they get to buy your services and you’ll only hear from them once they’re not only ready to talk numbers, but they’re ready to talk budgets.

You’ll also service your existing clients better with it. You’ll even use automations that tie into paypal and stripe so you don’t have to touch a single thing.

Pair this strong software knowledge with pre-written email templates and a fundamental understanding about how to write great emails and you’ve got a system that will totally change how you find work forever.

The best part is that you already have everything you need to start the course.

Here’s a look at just a few of the things you get you get:

The Get Paid! Audio Masterclass

Get Paid! Audio Masterclass is a comprehensive course containing insider information about the exact steps you need to take to make your freelancing more profitable.

Most freelancers struggle for one reason and one reason only. Because they approach freelancing without a foundation of customer psychology.

This lack of understanding means they struggle to hear back from clients they approach, and clients don’t approach them. The problem isn’t the quality of work you do. It’s that you’re bad at writing emails, and communicating in a way they want to hear.

That’s why when you look at top consultants what they do differently is usually communicate extraordinarily well. It’s not so much their work.

It’s their ability to close prospects and turn them into clients at extremely high rates. The thing is that unless you take the time to study these top freelancers you won’t notice it.

That’s why my audio masterclass is centered around world-class consultants sharing their secrets.

You’ll hear Paul Jarvis, Nick Disabato, Jarrod Drysdale, Samuel Hulick, Kurt Elster, Alex Hillman, Kai Davis and Michael Alexis all discussing the systems they’ve created for their business.

They’ll detail the steps they’ve gone for building 6-figure consulting practices, businesses that most freelancers only dream of.

Get Paid! Automation Video Course

This detailed video course is an in-depth look at automating your entire system so you can sell to more prospects and clients while you sleep. Videos include how to automate:

Customer service consisting like follow-ups and check-ins

Giving out valuable info (to keep building trust and authority)

Up-sells and info about other services and packages

The common thread behind all of this is value. This setup will allow you to deliver so much more value that the quality of clients you work with, and drastically improve the amount of work you have, so that your freelancing rate improves accordingly (almost with no added effort on your end).

So long as you’re constantly delivering value in the form of either literal return on investment for clients or actionable advice for growing a business to prospects, you’ll keep succeeding.

I know this video course works because it’s directly pulled from my friend Kurt Elste’s business. After Kurt completely productized his freelance services and automated his buying cycle with Drip, he literally stepped back and documented exactly how he did it. This course walks you through the exact steps you can take for yourself to follow in his footsteps.

We’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to start generating leads for your business on a daily basis while you sleep. The best part is that you could be fully setup in an afternoon.

Kurt used this very same system last year to get so many clients and projects that his revenue grew by 8x. He literally booked myself solid, without networking or cold calls.

This course is excellent for anyone looking to expand their lead generation and online sales. So if you don’t want to manage a sales person and don’t have enough time to do the selling yourself, then this course is perfect for you.

Here’s a closer look at over 60 minutes of actionable content:

Emails That Win You Clients

The complete guide to doubling the amount clients in your inbox that are eager to work with you.

This is my book on how to write emails from scratch that win you more clients in less time. It comes from strategy sessions with over 50+ freelancers who were struggling to hear back from clients.

Every one of these freelancers began to see results as soon as they implemented the material. Leads began responding. They started winning clients.

This book is designed to be a companion to your email writing process. You can open it up next to gmail and refer to it as you write. It’s a resource you can look at quickly and know you’re sending out a great email every time.

It’s organized for skimming. How to start writing is at the beginning. How to end emails is at the end.

It stops you from making these mistakes when contacting companies:

Offering nothing compelling.

Blabbing on for too long, not knowing when to end an email.

Sounding like a robot.

Coming off spammy.

The biggest part is you might not even know you’re coming off this way because it’s hard to recognize on your own. The book will end that forever.

Get Paid! Email Templates

A library of scripts that will help you write amazing emails in seconds.

As principal of a freelance business or agency, you live & die by email – in fact most freelancers send over 10,000 email per year.

We’ve tested dozens of email templates (with dozens of variations) to find the most effective, persuasive, and concise emails. The result is consistently professional correspondence, and that means more profit.

Plug these emails into your consulting and cut down on the huge amount of time you spend writing emails – and just send the perfect email every time almost instantly. These emails are focused in a few key areas:

You’ll also get the low-down on how I setup my gmail to triage my inbox, a list of the best email one-liners I use to keep projects on track and budget, and as a bonus, you’ll learn what you should never do in an email and why.

Video Case Study: Tyler Van Der Hoeven

This hands-on look at the exact steps you take to go from novice to a top-level consultant. Tyler breaks down every step in his journey from Kentucky farmer to working with top companies like Baremetrics and more.

Not only is this story inspirational, it’s practical. You’ll gain an insight into how you should approach projects so that you no longer sell yourself short.

Tyler shares exactly how he gets results. He breaks down how he landed work from 5/7 clients he emailed. How he approached them and exactly what he said to land over $50k worth of work.

The fact is if you’re a web designer or developer you can do this too. You have one of the most sought after skills in the world right now. Knowing this isn’t enough. You have to also use it to your advantage. That’s exactly what we dive into and more. You’ll learn:

“So what happens if I don’t like it?”

No worries. There’s a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Enjoy the course for a full month and if you don’t like it for any reason, send me an email and I’ll give you a refund. I don’t want your money if you’re not 100% blown away.

“My schedule is fully booked. Should I still buy it?”

Yes, here’s why: it’s a common misconception that dry spells are a part of freelancing. The truth is they happen because we fail to line up work during flush times (times when we’re loaded with work) NOT only during dry spells.

Just because you have work now it doesn’t give you the right to put your hands up and stop all sales activity. On the contrary. Now is when you should start a small daily amount of activity to ensure you never run out of work again.

If you’re not booked at least 4-6 months in advanced, it’s a sign you’re susceptible to a dry spell.

“I just started freelancing. What if I’m not ready?”

I guarantee that if you can build a website, design, or code – at any level – you can also make a lot of money from this class today.

But it takes investing in yourself now.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, the habits and systems you build into your business now will stay with you for a long time (maybe forever).

That’s why it’s important that you push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Leveling up your consulting business isn’t about planning for the future. It’s about taking small steps right now that will ensure you’re in the best position to succeed.

“But will this work for me? I specialize in X.”

Yes. Get Paid! is a course mostly focused on web design and web development – however the concepts inside it can be applied to any business or even day job.

The amount of email you send don’t just happen behind the scenes. They’re the key to all kinds of new opportunities. You’ll see a dramatic shift in other areas of your life.

If you’re still worried about your specific case, the best advice I can give is to try it. There’s a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee for this exact reason.

Buy it and see for yourself.

Will the program have scripts?

Yes. I love examples and will include many breakdowns of emails. However, I believe that scripts and templates almost always encourage writing bad emails.

They’re formulaic and people can smell a form email coming from a mile away. So my hope is that while you can certainly use these examples in your daily life, you also learn the thought process behind why they’re written the way they are.

Is this for me? What if english isn’t my first language?

Great emails are simple. It doesn’t matter if your grammar is perfect, as long as you can write clearly. I’ll teach you to sum up what you need to say.

Who are you?

Robert Williams. I run Workshop, a service that helps freelancers find work, over a year ago. I also asked Kurt Elster to help me with the video course. Kurt runs a consultancy, Ethercycle, full-time.

Our goal is to help you crystalize what your dream job means to you, and help you get there.

I still have a question?

No problemo, email me and I’ll get back to you shortly, take care!

Acclaim for Emails That Win You Clients

“After watching just the first 15 minutes, I was impressed. The info is actionable, the tone is accessible, and the message for freelancers is great: you can do less and earn more.

But what I really love about Drip Profits is that it really helps freelancers and solo consultants understand the real value of marketing automation without getting lost in the weeds. Marketing automation can be complex– this video helps even an email marketing newbie understand how to apply email automation to their business.

Philip Morgan

Sebastopol, CA

i actually landed gigs in less than 2 weeks and am currently working with four and with talks with 3 more.

“I used your tips there and my response rate was “wow!” I actually landed gigs in less than 2 weeks and am currently working with four and with talks with 3 more. 🙂 The incredible part is that although I know how to write, I’ve never really sent cold emails that worked before. I even got one client that told me that she “liked my style.” Haha!”

Glori Surban


amazing job at showing how to optimize those 1-1 emails that we write to our leads and potential clients

“The course does an amazing job at showing how to optimize those 1-1 emails that we write to our leads and potential clients. Robert’s advice is a healthy reminder about how to make your writing more personal, concise, to-the-point, and just “convert” better. I’m pretty sure that this short, but very useful, book will help many freelancers and consultants drive more relationships, business and pay for itself a hundred fold.”

Jakub Linowski

Toronto, Canada

nothing has made more of an impact for me than carefully crafted emails.

“When it comes to landing clients, nothing has made more of an impact for me than carefully crafted emails. Whether you’re cold emailing, responding to an opportunity, or following up, Robert’s book will give you the tools you need to close more business with simple, effective emails.”

Brian Casel

Norwalk, CT

i learned the key elements needed to increase my response rate by over 10%.

“When I first started out freelancing I was sending out long email. I got about 5/100 responses, thinking that was just the nature of the game. After getting some feedback from Robert I learned the key elements needed to increase my response rate by over 10%. Way worth the price!”

Brunson Sayes

New Orleans, USA

the course acts as a checklist ensuring i don’t miss any steps.

Since getting the course, my emails are more likely to be responded to. The course acts as a checklist ensuring I don’t miss any steps. To me, the short length is a bonus because it’s not overly fluffed up. I definitely recommend this if you’re spending an inordinate amount of time creating emails and got no responses.

Jonathan Ballinger

Southend on Sea, United Kingdom

the result: an email response within a few hours.

“Robert gave me some tips on my cold email to a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who recently sold his business to Yahoo! At first, all my sentences started with “I”, “Me”, “My”. Then Robert showed me how to change that around to “You” and “Your” and made me realise that all the person receiving your email really cares about is “themself”, nothing else. The result: an email response within a few hours.”

Chris Von Wilpert

isbane, Australia

it’s a no-brainer if you’d like to sell your services to busy people.

“My cold emails were not working. I was not getting responses even after sending over 500 emails in a month. I was frustrated. Robert showed me the path, he helped me compose effective emails that people would like to read.

The emails that I wrote started getting responses. I was able to get appointments and pitch better. I strongly recommend his advice and his book. It’s a no-brainer if you’d like to sell your products or services to busy people.”

Dhananjay Goel

New York, NY

i’ve learned how to take control of the conversation and truly act the expert.

“Ever written an email that chased off a potential client? I have. If you are anything like me, you’ve lost amazing projects because you completely messed up the initial contact. This book will teach you how to write emails that get results—emails that are opened, read, and that earn work.

Consultants miss out on work because we botch the client relationship. Not because we aren’t skilled enough or don’t have an impressive portfolio; simply because we are horrible at selling our services. This book made a huge difference in how I communicate with clients. I’ve learned how to take control of the conversation and truly act the expert.

Writing emails to freelance leads is a horrible, soul-sucking grind. It’s even worse when you don’t book a project after sending dozens of emails. I want to book projects, not be a full time, email sending robot. After following Robert’s advice, I’m spending less time writing email but booking more projects.”

Jarrod Drysdale

Denver, CO

Here’s what you get:

Why you should buy right now

For the first 25 people who purchase I’m offering a free 2-hour bootcamp, hosted over Google hangouts. Kurt and I will go over the class material, and answer questions for you about your specific business.

This one-on-one help will be super valuable if you run into questions implementing the course.

this is a one-time only, live online bootcamp only for the first 25 people who purchase. if this message is still here there’s still time.

It’s is going to be insanely valuable and will be your chance to have two top consultants look at your business with a fine tooth comb.

As a freelancer, right now is when you should do something about your business. Waiting is almost guaranteed to hurt your business forever. See, It’s a common misconception that dry spells are a part of freelancing. The truth is they happen because we sit and wait.

Failing to line up work during flush times (not dry spells), is the real reason you run into feast or famine cycles. Just because you have work now, you’re short on time, or you have some other excuse, you shouldn’t put your hands up and stop sales activity.

On the contrary, now is when you should find next month or next year’s client. I don’t want you to wait until it’s too late, and in order to prove it I’m willing to take away all of the risk. You can get 100% of your money back if you don’t like it, at any time.

See like you, I know there are a ton of businesses who will benefit from working with me. Only you know the vision you had when you decided to strike out on your own and start your freelance consulting business. My goal is to help you reach that vision.

Best Regards,
Robert Williams

“Running an independent design consultancy, one of the hardest things I do on a daily basis is get sales. Robert helped me communicate in a more focused, actionable way to get the business that my clients and I both deserve. Because I never learned how to write good email in design school, and neither did you.”
– Nick Disabato, Chicago, IL

There’s a better way: you don’t have to rewrite the same email endlessly and still feel crappy about it after you hit send.

Yes, clients judge your emails in a split-second – BUT you can (and should) know exactly what they’re looking for in that moment, and craft your email accordingly.

When you do, you will know you’ve given yourself the best chance possible at landing the client you’re emailing.

It doesn’t take long, either.

If you have 30 minutes to prepare, you can change the way you email forever and maximize your chances using zero creativity, and zero master-persuasion skills.

You can do this today, and I will show you how.

Over a 12-month period, I asked 50+ freelancers, who were having trouble hearing back from clients, to BCC me on the emails they were sending.

I discovered a treasure trove of patterns, tricks, and strategies for improving their response rate and getting them more clients that immediately worked. Clients started chirping back more often than not.

Then I tested each strategy 1-on-1, hundreds of times with my clients. They continued to work.

However, at the end of the day I can only do that so many times and the pricing is not that affordable for a small freelancer. So I decided to share everything that I’ve learned another way.

“Consultants miss out on work because we botch the client relationship. This makes a huge difference. Take control of the conversation and truly act the expert.”
– Jarrod Drysdale


Emails That Win

A 90+ page template library designed to get you up to speed quickly and back to focusing on the craft you love.

The strategies I include are extracted from the biggest breakthroughs and problems freelancers in your exact position faced, like:

“Amazing job of showing how to optimize those 1-1 emails, pays for itself a hundred fold.”
– Jakub Linowski,  Loading…

“Stop what you’re doing and buy this book. Robert will teach you how to write emails that make clients say ‘oh I think I wanna hire this person.’”
– Paul Jarvis


What kind of results can I expect?

Let’s say you improve your email success rate by 5%. That would mean for every 20 emails you send, you land one extra client. That’s worth thousands of dollars a year alone. Emails that win costs $79, and if you don’t make the 5% improvement, I’ll give you a full-refund.

That said, sending 5% better emails is a really low estimate. I’ve helped people go from <1% response rate to a 30%+ response rate. That’s closer to what I expect the results to be for you if you’re reading this.

If I order now, when will I get this stuff?

Instantly. Your payment is 100% secure, and the products are delivered through Gumroad.

I don’t have time to do outreach, can I just hire you?

I’ve helped some small agencies affordably create a lead-generation / outreach team on-demand that can generate 10x the monthly investment. Get in touch for more info on this.

Will this have templates?

Yes. I love examples and include many breakdowns. However, I don’t recommend you use them word-for-word, because people can smell a form letter from a mile away. It’s more important to learn how to write effective emails from scratch.

Is this for me? What if english isn’t my first language?

Great emails are simple. It doesn’t matter if your grammar is perfect, as long as you can write clearly. I’ll teach you to sum up what you need to say.

Who are you?

Robert Williams. I own Folyo, a project alert service for freelance designers. My customers have now earned millions of dollars from the projects I send, email is huge part of that. Let’s get started.

“This will give you the tools you need to close more business with simple, effective emails.”
– Brian Casel,