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I'd gone through dry spells before, but this one was bad...

Each day the stress mounted. When I sat down at my office chair, an immediate sense of doom washed over me. I'm ashamed to admit: I was a jerk. I snapped at my wife, my friends. I felt major embarrassment about the situation I'd put us in. I was miserable. And just when I started to feel like I'd never get another client again, something changed. I decided I couldn't afford to let chaos and feast or famine run my business (or life) anymore. I changed my strategy. I decided to have a bias toward action. No longer would I wait for work to come to me and rely only on luck for referrals.

I can still remember sense of relief that came upon me when I finally made this simple change. After adding just a few simple systems, there hasn't been a week where I haven't found at least ten $10,000+ client projects like clockwork since. The fruits of this system have been amazing: we help generate millions of dollars in client work for freelancers all over the world each year.

And here's why that matters to you: nothing about this system requires special talent or skill. Any normal freelancer with 30 minutes can find these clients – for the specific type of work they love do – for free. And here's the kicker. This page will share how. In detail. I hope that it transforms how you think about lead generation in your business. Whether or not you decide to try the program. Ready? Let's go.

You can probably think of several ways to get results for your clients off the top of your head. But for yourself? For some reason when it comes to our own business, most of us are lost. The longer you've been in business, the worse this gets:

Constantly being pulled in 21 different directions is no way to run a business. Scrambling from project to project means you’re constantly trading your time for cash but never actually getting ahead. Worse, your skills start to plateau. You know the feeling if you've ever looked around and asked: wait, exactly how am I valuable in 2021, again?

It's scary. But it won’t change on its own. YOU need change the way you think:

The 6 "Lead Myths" That Kill Your Earning Potential:

Lead Myth #1 – I'm just too busy

You probably know at least a few ways to grow your business. But you're not doing them. Why? Because instead of outsourcing or automating these things with systems, you rely on willpower to get them done. Needing to "remember" to reach out to potential clients from a messy inbox, when you know life is going to get in the way, is planning to fail.

The Truth: You need systems scripts, templates, automations, and processes to make sure nothing slips by. Your system needs to do the work, not you.

Lead Myth #2 - I have no network

If you wait until you're out of work to plead with their Twitter and LinkedIn network for referrals, people notice. Be real. This approach hardly ever works. All it does is zap your confidence, because deep down you know you hate constantly asking for help and never being in the position to give it.

The Truth: If your company knows how to find dozens of $10,000+ projects anytime you want – in under 30 minutes – you never have to worry about bothering your network again.

Lead Myth #3 – Ooo a shiny new tool will fix everything

You tell yourself that if you just had the right tool everything would fall into place! You just need to research the perfect Email Marketing, CRM, Project Management, etc. and then you will finally build a great lead generation system. So you spend hours researching but never actually make progress.

The Truth: Tools are a small part of a steady lead pipeline, the best client generation systems use a few simple tools but get the most out of them. That's the real difference.

Lead Myth #4 – I'll just hire a sales guy

Wouldn't it be nice to just hire a salesperson, cut them 50% check, and kiss your problems goodbye? You simply hire a biz dev person, they are immediately a master at selling your service, and viola you have a rainmaker!

The Truth: A team is a great thing to build. However, profits are the lifeblood of your business. By training a $10-30 per hour VA you can get even better results without the on-going commissions.

Lead Myth #5 – I gotta blog for a year first

Every guru tells you it takes years to build a proper pipeline. Meanwhile, you have to burn out trying their latest "Blogging," "SEO," "Ads," and other "Growth Hacks," for years. Because to build a great business you also have to essentially build a media company too, right?

The Truth: You can skip years of trial and error and just get an instant, steady flow of leads on day one. If you do it right you can set it up once and keep getting new opportunities forever. Don't believe the hype.

Lead Myth #6 – I just need to redesign my site

I love tinkering too. But telling yourself that your stale, boring website just needs a redesign and "new positioning" to start bringing in new leads is laughable! You need more than a fresh coat of paint or your new contact form will have just as many cobwebs as your last one did.

The Truth: The design of your website and even case studies in your portfolio are way less important than finding the right offer that's irresistible to clients. Once you do this, everything becomes a downhill battle.

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