Folyo is coming back…

As you may know, I’ve been re-tooling Folyo for a little while…

A mistake I made during this was not keeping you as informed as I could’ve about where we were at with it.

The reason for that is a) there just wasn’t much to report and b) I’ve been heads-on on another project.

Still, I coulda and shoulda done a better job of keeping you in the loop.

So today I’m ready to share more about where Folyo is currently and how it will be changing for you (FOR THE BETTER).

After spending tens of thousands of dollars of my own money developing a custom rails app, (and pulling the plus after a short while) I was able to rapidly test a bunch of new ideas for the site.

I think I’ve hit on something that will create a bunch of value for you in the coming years. Especially if you’re a freelance designer or design firm looking for great design clients.

Moving forward, I expect Folyo to be much more sustainable and consistent. Delivering project after project for you on a regular basis.

In fact, very soon, Folyo will be back to delivering these projects directly to your inbox again. Except this time, even more of them. They will all be:

  • high-value UX and Graphic design gigs
  • in need of remote, freelancer / teams
  • have budgets of $20k+
  • include direct emails for the contact person

I’m really excited to share this next installment of Folyo with you.

Particularly, I’m excited about this because it will be absolutely free (there’s also premium plan in the works with even more projects, more info on that later.)

I used Folyo to land my first handful of UX design projects and I know it can help hundreds other people the same way.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing more about where it’s going from here. But for now you can help by taking the Folyo design survey.

I’d love to feature your design firm’s story on the site.

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Robert Williams, Owner, Folyo

Hi, I'm Rob. I help underwater design agencies fix staff shortages quickly and come back up for air.

I started Folyo, a private referral community of product designers, and I host Freelance, a podcast about how to work independently featuring companies like Basecamp, Converkit, Highrise and more.