Fortnite’s Business Model

For the curious…

I’ve played over 600 Fortnite matches myself… and yet I’ve never spent a dime on the actual game. Fortnite gives that part away for free. Their revenue instead comes from upsells that happen inside the game.

On the podcast I take a look at how they’ve taken away the hardest part about getting a customer… the paywall. Whether paywalls are absolutely necessary in my business (and yours). And how I’ve taken parts of the Fortnite freemium business model and put them into my business, with some ideas for how you can too.

Show Highlights

0:25 A quick recap of Fortnite’s business model.

6:68 The results of giving away my product away for free via Folyo.

8:04 Fortnite’s lead designer talks about how re-using parts of the product to create the free game mode.

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