A podcast for designers about independence. Featuring interviews with companies like Basecamp, Converkit, Highrise and more. Posted every Saturday morning.

Interview: Full-time Products with Laura Elizabeth

In this episode, Laura Elizabeth and I talk about to switch to selling products full-time, a DIY SEO strategy, and more.

Podcast: Fortnite

In this episode, I talk about Fortnite’s business model and how it’s made over a billion dollars with a freemium product.

Interview: Branding with Nathan Barry

In this episode, Nathan Barry and I talk about what’s changed in his approach to branding, marketing, and content creation in 2018.

Interview: Focus with Shawn Blanc

In this episode, Shawn Blanc and I talk about how he focuses on what matters, builds great websites, gets great writers and more.

Interview: Highrise with Nate Kontny

In this episode, Nate Kontny and I talk about Highrise, product design / JTBD, and the app he’s working on next.