🏆 Some tips for winning a client on Folyo

Below are some of the best tips we've found for winning clients. Remember, Folyo doesn't receive referral fees from any company. Our only incentive is to find you a great project and help you win it.

Top 9 tips for a great first email

This is a handy reference to use if you're composing an email - to make sure you're checking all the boxes that will maximize your response rate on a first email.

Where to find great UX clients

This is a 7-part series on where we find the best freelance UX clients on the web and how you can built your own system for it too. Read time: 30-mintues.

Emails that win you clients

A short but complete guide on how to write a email that wins you more clients in less time. This will give you a great idea of what a great email looks like. Read time: 30-minutes.

Mini-guide: TextExpander pro-tips

A short mini-guide on how to use TextExpander to send custom, tailored emails in minutes. This is for advanced users. Read-time: 5 minutes.

Mini-guide: RFPs

A basic course on how to create RFPs that sell your services in less time. Read time: 30-minutes.

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