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Where to Find High-Value Design Clients in 2019

By Robert Williams

How do you find high-value clients, quickly, when you don’t have an existing network of work to rely on?

This guide will answer that question from start to finish. It’s a culmination of tips, habits, and tactics I use everyday with Folyo. Let’s dive in.

1. Your portfolio: what you really need to get started

How I deleted my portfolio and made $30k in 6 weeks as a result.

2. Where we’ll be focusing our client search

My 5 favorite places to find clients that are ready to buy.

3. The biggest win you can make in the next 5 minutes

The minimalist approach to outbound sales.

4. My #1 recommended tool for finding high-value clients

My endless client generator, an RSS plugin with all the best projects.

5. How to let my top secret app find amazing clients for you

How to use an app to do your the qualifying for you.

6. A easy way to filling in the gaps in your pipeline

How to hack your lead-generation with simple reminders. 

7. How to send emails that will win you clients in minutes

The email line that’s client repellent and what to send instead.

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After reviewing thousands of portfolios the two most common problems designers have are:

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  • "I don't know what to do to find my next client."

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