How to apply to a project on Folyo

How to apply to a project on Folyo

To apply to a project on Folyo, click on the light blue button below the project description.

This will open up your default mail program, create a new message with the recipient already filled out.

On Folyo, we give you the direct email address of the client. That means there’s nothing between you and the client.

Once you’ve written a message, click send and your message will be instantly delivered to the client.

Alternatively, if you’re having trouble using the blue button above, you can find the client’s email address directly below the company name.

You can copy this email address and manually paste it into a new email to by-pass the mailto link.

Should I mention Folyo in my email?

You certainly can. However, we recommend you don’t because it will improve your response rate. We’ve found that keeping the conversation to the value you can deliver, improves your chances.

Want more tips? Here’s 9 more tips on how to improve your response rate.

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