Looking to sponsor designers

Confession time. Yesterday I was going to buy some Facebook and Google Ads to promote Folyo. But to be honest, it didn’t feel great.

I don’t like 99% of the Google/Facebook ads I come across. I don’t like Google/Facebook’s business model or shady practices either.

So why do I want to pay them and create more of the same?

I don’t. Instead I want to create a more authentic connection – where people who actually use and care about my product share it with others.

So why not cut out the middle man and pay you directly to share what you love about Folyo with your audience?

Sounds good to me!

If you have an audience on a Podcast, Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or somewhere else designers hang out, I’d love to partner with you.

Let’s create a sponsored post that authentically represents the value you get from Folyo with your audience.

See, since you’re a Folyo user, you’re the best person to promote it. Coming from you, a post will mean a lot more than any ad I could buy.

So I’d like to pay you to do that. The only conditions for this are:

  • You have to have an audience of mostly designers following you.
  • You have to link to http://folyo.me in the post.
  • You have to believe in what Folyo stands for: helping designers save time, gain independence, and earn a living on their own terms.
  • You’ll decide what to post, because you know your audience best

If that sounds good to you, I’m game too.

Got a huge audience?

Email me with what it would cost to sponsor a post from you.

Got a tiny audience?

Email me and let’s talk about what we can do.

No audience too big or too small.

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Robert Williams, Owner, Folyo

Hi, I'm Rob. I help underwater design agencies fix staff shortages quickly and come back up for air.

I started Folyo, a private referral community of product designers, and I host Freelance, a podcast about how to work independently featuring companies like Basecamp, Converkit, Highrise and more.