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First Month of Virtual Coworking

Written by Robert Williams

About a month ago I started a virtual coworking space for Folyo members. Today I’d like to give you an update on what’s been going down over here. We’ve had a ton of awesomeness all around and imo there’s been no better place to go to talk about the intricacies of the Slack logo redesign or the cesspool that is DN. In case you missed it, here’s a recap…

Liston Witherill answered questions about the sales process

Liston’s been busy helping Folyo designers. Not only was he on my podcast recently, he also came into the community for a sales Q+A. Here was a question posed by Folyo member Dale Schneider:
I seem to be having trouble selling a whole branding package instead of one-off logo projects to newer clients. They don’t want to pay for a full brand, because they don’t understand the value and I have trouble finding a window to broach that subject. They seem to settle for just a logo instead of a brand package because of the price difference. Any advice to convert more brand packages overall instead of just logos to new businesses? The biggest benefit is of course brand cohesion to keep a consistent feel across everything they produce. So the target client is someone that is either freshly starting their business, or someone that has been running the business for a bit and now has the budget to improve their look. The latter is the ideal client, but seems to be much more rare to find in my experience.
Liston Witherill who, if you don’t know, does sales training for consultants had this to say:
There are only two possible reasons this is happening: 1. Your clients don’t have the budget or bandwidth to participate in your branding exercise, meaning you’re targeting the wrong client for the service. 2. They’re not fully understanding the value of the branding work you do, and/or you’re not conveying it effectively. My guess is that it’s a combination of the two things, but if your client is coming to you with a transaction in mind (i.e. “I need a logo”), you’ll carry the load of educating them about the value of a brand and why it’s worth it to them to engage with you at a greater level. If that’s falling flat, my guess is that you’re targeting the wrong clients for your branding offering.
It was a great reminder that not every potential client is a fit and that the role of your sales in marketing is to attract (and repel certain people). It up to you to decide who you want to serve but it depends on things like fit, likelihood you can help them, and budget/value. Here’s a thought experiment Liston shared for you to help outline this concept:
Let’s do a thought experiment. Client #1 is creating a new website selling vegan recipes in a $19 PDF. Client #2 is selling a mass market recipe book and already has 5M social media followers. You could conceivably create the same exact logo, but it may be worth $200 to Client 1, and it may be worth $20,000 to Client 2.

11 exclusive projects have been shared in #referrals

My biggest hope when starting the coworking community was that it would attract givers. I’ve been in a few communities that were about self-promotion and they never feel authentic. On the other hand the point of this was to create a referral community. So a sharing opportunities (and yes getting hired) is a huge part of why we’re coming together. That’s why it’s been amazing to see the various different projects getting shared on an almost daily basis. Note: If you’re an agency experiencing hiring whiplash from chronic staff shortages, we should discuss how Folyo can help. It’s a totally different approach to hiring and can save 10+ hours for you and your team.

We polled Folyo members about their revenue in 2018

Too often people shy away from talking about money. Putting it out front and talking about how much you made (even in a quick and dirty poll) like this can make it easier to see how you would like to improve. It also made it easier to see who we should be going to for advice and what the differences are between their approach and ours.

Wanna join the Slack community?

Registrations are currently closed but you can use this page to join the waiting list. High-quality applications will be admitted first and priority will always go to Folyo Pro members. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far.

Robert Williams

I help underwater design agencies fix staff shortages quickly and come back up for air. I run Folyo, a private referral community of product designers, and I host Freelance, a podcast about how to work independently.

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