$2.5k MRR in 60 days, A High-level Look

Today I give you a high-level overview of how I launched a new business that’s making $2.5k in monthly recurring revenue in about 2 months.


  • What did I have in place already?
  • My existing audience on Folyo, Workshop, Medium and Twitter and how I built those things.
  • Why I decided to change things up and how I approached the change.
  • How I’m changing the product design, marketing and churn rate for this new business.
  • Business examples I drew inspiration from: Scotts Cheap Flights, and Amazon Prime.
  • How I de-risked changing everything up all at once.
  • The results of my change: getting 60 customers in 60 days with a flywheel effect.
  • My plan for content, social media marketing, and publishing moving forward.
  • Why I’m putting a heavier focus on SEO and how it feels good.
  • Ruben Gamez’s article on Keyword SEO research.
  • How I’ll be adding value to product long-term with exclusive projects, co-working, and setting up customer-first processes.
  • If you want to join my new virtual co-working group, it’s not open to the public yet but if you’re a Folyo pro member email me and I can send you an invite.

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