How to Generate (Warm) Outbound Leads the Easy Way

Robert Williams

And while outbound lead generation can be one of the most effective methods for getting high-value clients, you can’t skip finding the right potential customers, researching them, and sending a good pitch.

When done correctly, outbound lead generation can help you find new clients in just weeks. And since you’re hand-choosing companies to pitch, you don’t have to worry about competition.

So next here are 5 proven tips you can use to make outbound lead generation easy. Seriously, following just these will put you ahead of 99% of companies out there:

1. Define Your Target Market

As we mentioned, the great thing about outbound lead generation (and why it can be better than inbound lead generation in some cases) is that you have control.

You can even create a niche for yourself simply by focusing on certain demographics or industries. You can simply decide to pursue leads in specific categories like geographic area, industry type or company size and target only the work you want to do.

But this can also be where companies struggle. If you’re new to outbound lead generation, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is going too specific. I’ve seen countless agencies and freelancers set out targeting “Startups” or “Non-profits” in specific industries only to get frustrated by the lack of volume or the unwillingness of clients in these markets to pay.

This is why in my 6-week lead generation training program I spend an entire modules walking through step-by-step how you find the right market for your company.

You don’t want to get stuck in a poorly defined market. So next let’s talk about how to avoid this.

2. Create a List of Prospects Who Currently Need Your Help

The truth is you don’t know what client niche will be best for your business yet. So instead, my recommendation is to keep it broad and define a target problem you want to solve instead.

Remember, when you’re pitching companies for their business, you can choose who to contact based on their current needs.

So you only need to reach out to “warm” leads – those in the buying process already. By doing this you are going to make it easier to find which markets are in demand. Here are some examples markets that broad enough to find a high volume of great clients:

Again, creating a list of prospects for these markets will be much easier than getting too specific too soon because they are broad enough that you will be able to find several clients in need of help each week.

But actually finding them will take some experimentation. I recommend trying different platforms like LinkedIn, Slack Communities, Job Sites, and RFP sites.

Each one will have slightly different results.

(I cover each of these in my in-depth lead generation training program Endless Clients. You can get a free preview at the bottom of this post.)

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