What is Outbound Lead Generation and does it work?

Robert Williams

Outbound lead generation means your company finds and pitches leads instead of waiting for them to come to you (inbound).

This can be done by phone, email, or even direct mail.

But a big mistake people make is assuming outbound lead generation is a “spray and pray” strategy.

Spamming a bunch of people isn’t outbound lead generation. It’s spam. And it can truly hurt your brand.

A good approach to outbound means authenticity.

It’s way more time-consuming to do it this way (although still less time consuming than inbound) but the results are worth it.

So while outbound marketing gets a bad wrap, it’s superior to inbound lead generation in some specific ways.

My favorite reason to use outbound is it’s 100% in your control.

So there’s no reason why outbound lead generation has to be scammy or any less authentic than inbound marketing.

Because you decide who you’re going to target and how many people you’re going to reach out to with outbound lead generation, you can control way more about it than you might realize.

That’s why I recommend skipping contacting “cold” leads at first. Instead I recommend a “warm” outbound lead generation approach.

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