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The Best Newsletter for Finding Freelance Web Design Work

Not getting enough leads? A new blog post or tweet isn't going to change that overnight. You need a consistent way to grow your client network immediately.

The best way is to reach out to great companies with an urgent need for your creative services right now. But how do you find these companies?

Folyo is a newsletter community that sends these gigs directly to your inbox daily. With over 7,800+ subscribers, we help you make more money whether you had time to do marketing this week or not.

Signing up means you'll get emailed when a great company needs design services, plus additional information about our community and products.

We help 7,800+ subscribers add millions of dollars to their bottom line every year

Our subscribers have used Folyo to find their profitable projects and life-long clients. Here's how it works:

  1. When a great company needs a new website, they often ask their network for referrals by posting on their Website, Slack community, or Linkedin profile.
  2. We monitor these places for you like project-sniffing-truffle-pigs and get additional info you need like project budget and best contact person.
  3. You get a curated feed of constant design opportunities, perusable over your morning cold brew, so you stay on top of growing your client network from your pocket.

With Folyo, clients hear about the best designers (you), and you hear about the best clients. Win-win.

In fact, this is exactly how we helped Mike Julian find a designer for Last Week in AWS. We sent his project out to Folyo and he hired a designer within 10 days.

Hear what people who've made thousands of dollars from Folyo say

“It’s helped us calm any stress and fears, and approach our business calmly."
Joey Kirk
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“You sign up and stuff just comes in. It’s a perfect way to get your feet wet.”
Trevor Wernisch
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“I've over doubled my salary from my full-time job.”
Corey Tiani
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“For the first time in my career, I feel like I’m doing the right type of work.”
Kevin Chang
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“It's is almost inline with word of mouth rather than applying to random jobs.”
Jes Albro
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We'll be here when you're ready

Remember, waiting to sign up means you're missing out on potentially thousands in revenue. We'd love to help you grow your client network.

We've helped web designers make more money since 2013.