What's included when you sign up for Folyo?



$10k+ budgets. Life-long clients.

Every Folyo project can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in repeat work over your relationship with the client. A Folyo client is a client for life.



One-hour headstart. Get an advantage over everyone else.

Find out before everyone else. The best projects disappear quickly. Premium subscribers get alerted 60+ minutes early.



Get exclusive projects not found anywhere else.

Pro members get exclusive projects that come to us and aren't found anywhere else on the web.


Remote-friendly. Make a great living from home.

As a business owner, every second you spend meeting with clients in-person is time you could've spent with your family. That's why every project I send is comfortable with remote-only work.



Email-based. Start conversations in minutes.

Every project has an email attached. There's no app to sign into, no payment tracking, no percentage-based fees, NOTHING between you and the client.


4X the projects. Gain total control over your future.

Stop waiting for work to come to you. Wake up to a fresh-batch of opportunities every morning. Build your pipeline in minutes over your morning coffee.



Design-only. Every project in need of high-value solutions.

Clients that don't get the value of design are harder to sell and harder to please. Instead, every project on Folyo has a high-value design problem they're actively looking to solve.