Folyo’s virtual freelancer recruiting service

  • You’ve exhausted your local network, and aren’t getting the reach you want on your job, limiting you to a smaller pool of talent than you deserve.
  • You’re tired of wasting hours filtering through bad job applicant after job applicant… or reposting your ad multiple times before finding even one qualified lead.
  • Your website, product, or service’s quality is starting to suffer and clients are getting angry over blown deadlines (that you created before you had a staff shortage).
  • You’re unable to confidently chase bigger opportunities and contracts, knowing you don’t have X skill on your staff yet.
  • You’re considering paying a traditional recruiting firm upwards of 25% the entire contract fee (upwards of $10,000) just so you can find reliable freelance talent to help.

We can help you find the right freelancer for your project without the hassle.

Your project’s profitability shouldn’t be dictated by your luck staffing. You should be able to reach a world-class freelance talent pool and get specific recommendations by a team that has helped 200+ companies find the right freelancer. All of this should be possible – and with no risk or insanely high fees.

Try Folyo’s new freelancer match-making service today.

  1. Submit your job
  2. We send your project directly to 8,700+ freelancers
  3. You meet hand-picked freelancers for your project
  4. You pay a $500 fee per freelancer hired.

Skip the huge recruiting bill. Skip the messy hiring process. Skip the hassle. Find the exact right freelancer fast.

This service is invite-only and there are limited spots. Email us for more information.