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Introducing The Folyo Referral Newsletter – a hands-free way to stop missing out on 99% of freelance design job opportunities…

Getting more clients on the phone means you sell more projects. But how do you find real clients worth pitching? The fastest way is to go where they are. Places like job boards, Hacker News, and AngelList have high-value work.

But who has time to sort through these opportunities by yourself? An hour of your time is worth more than the price of this subscription. That means spending almost any time finding opportunities yourself is a loss of thousands of dollars per month!

So don’t. Have a steady stream of great clients come to you like clockwork and get right to the important part: pitching clients and landing contracts.

Hiring someone to find you leads can get expensive. Even if you pay just $10/hour, that’s over $600/month if they spent just 2 hours a day. Too much.

Instead, our newsletter costs less than your daily cup of coffee, and you hear about every awesome freelance and contract product design opportunity out there.

So skip hiring a lead gen that charges 30+% of your total sales. If you land a $10,000 contract on Folyo you won’t pay $3,000 – you’ll continue to pay the same flat fee each month. No commission!

Sign up today. If you don’t love it I don’t want your money, get your money back.

The newsletter has worked for…


Jes Albro landed a remote UX design gig with Guidea. ?

qmF5l4xY_400x400-2 1*8cnEGRQ3_z5xJOsYU4ceLw

Trevor Wernisch landed a remote data visualization project for Wise Rock. ?

Screenshot 2019-05-25 10.17.31 aYRs-pUg_400x400

Zach Smyth landed a remote UI/UX design project with WEGO Health. ?

5II1KVMX_400x400-2 167292-2

Stas Kulesh landed a remote UI/UX  design gig with RexPay. ?

ALtgIlXw_400x400 0kKRkeOi_400x400

JD Reeves landed a remote logo design contract with Leiserson Research Group. ?

Screenshot 2019-05-25 09.57.28 Kevin Chang, Product Designer, Guidea

Kevin Chang landed a remote UX design contract with Guidea. ?

qmF5l4xY_400x400-2 tyler

Tyler van der Hoeven landed a contract product design gig with Baremetrics. ?

See Tyler’s Story ?

zoRaBSFi_400x400-2 bDtP2PKG_400x400

Corey Tiani landed a contract website redesign gig with Last Week in AWS. ?

Screenshot 2019-05-25 09.49.21 167292-2

Stas Kulesh landed a remote UI/UX design gig with Qwally. ?

Screenshot 2019-05-25 10.37.02 large_f49c44d2de87b29f7e2c10a57a2387b4-2

Kevin Korpi landed a Mobile UI/UX design gig with Brainful. ?

Screenshot 2019-05-25 10.31.07

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We can’t guarantee results. Success with the newsletter depend on various factors including, your skill-level, your salesmanship, and your ability to win clients. Every freelancer and agency is different and your results may vary. I’ve taken every measure to ensure that the results depicted above are accurate.