Share Folyo, win a free Dribbble PRO account 🏀

Want to win a year of Dribbble PRO for free?

You’re in luck! I’m giving away exactly that this Friday and it’s really simple to win. Just:

  1. Share one thing you love about Folyo + a link to the site on twitter, dribbble, or facebook and email me a screenshot of it.
  2. Or sign up for Folyo Premium before Friday.

Either of these will automatically enter you to win the giveaway this Friday. I’ll announce who wins over on Twitter.

And as always, if you decide to upgrade to a Folyo Premium account, you’ll get 4x the projects as free members.

Thanks and good luck!

Update: This month’s Folyo Pro giveaway prize was one year of Dribbble Pro. The winner was Folyo Pro member John Griffin and team over at Wolf Club Digital. To win the next giveaway, join Folyo Pro watch out for instructions on who how to get a free entry.

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Robert Williams, Owner, Folyo

Hi, I'm Rob. I help underwater design agencies fix staff shortages quickly and come back up for air.

I started Folyo, a private referral community of product designers, and I host Freelance, a podcast about how to work independently featuring companies like Basecamp, Converkit, Highrise and more.