Daily Focus with Shawn Blanc

For the curious…

Shawn Blanc’s websites The Sweet Setup, The Focus Course, and Tools and Toys have been on a roll recently, releasing 3 new courses.

  1. All the things: a productivity course on the app Things 3.
  2. Day One in Depth, a course on journaling with the app Day One.
  3. Time Management Training, a course on taking control of your time.

If you’d like to follow Shawn, he’s a great follow on Twitter, and Instagram.

Show Highlights

3:38 What I’ve gotten out of Shawn’s course on Things. 16:18 The 3 apps Shawn uses everyday for daily productivity. 35:10 How Shawn stays engaged with his work + a music recommendation for focused work. 39:41 How Shawn gets great writers to write for him.

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