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Daily Focus with Shawn Blanc

Shawn Blanc of the Sweet Setup joins me to talk about focus, what really matters, building great websites with great writers and more. (61 min interview)

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For the curious…

Shawn Blanc’s websites The Sweet Setup, The Focus Course, and Tools and Toys have been on a roll recently, releasing 3 new courses.

  1. All the things: a productivity course on the app Things 3.
  2. Day One in Depth, a course on journaling with the app Day One.
  3. Time Management Training, a course on taking control of your time.

If you’d like to follow Shawn, he’s a great follow on Twitter, and Instagram.

Show Highlights

3:38 What I’ve gotten out of Shawn’s course on Things. 16:18 The 3 apps Shawn uses everyday for daily productivity. 35:10 How Shawn stays engaged with his work + a music recommendation for focused work. 39:41 How Shawn gets great writers to write for him.

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