How to start your emails to clients so they want to hire you

When humans open an email there’s only one question we ask ourselves.

If you’re sending an email you can get around this mindless human flaw by greeting them in their native tongue … preferably using their first name. This is a dog-whistle that tells people you’re a fellow human.

Test your brain, see if you can spot the human:

This will only get their guard down for a moment.

Alone, a human-like greeting isn’t enough. We must now appeal to their other defects. Such as, being selfish and fickle.

Giving them a reason to care about your email works because it appeals to their interests. It’s best to get specific though because a greeting that works for one human won’t work for another.

To find the right words to use, listen to how they describe their problems and aspirations. Look for specific terms they use. Then simply repeat this back to them.

The closer you get to the words they use, the better your chances of connecting. Mentioning hyper-relevant project outcomes in your first sentence tells the human that you are writing this message just for them.

Anything else you say will now be framed by their desires. This will make your email feel more intimate and appeal to what THEY want. This allows you to insert yourself into the conversation more receptively.

However, skipping this crucial step and immediately talking about yourself instead will have the opposite effect.

100% of your email should be about the recipient. Even the parts where you talk about you should really be about them.

Enjoy this short guide? Awesome! I actually wrote a whole book on sending emails to clients (published independently).

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