Interview: Proving Your Value with Nick Disabato

In this episode I talk with Nick Disabato about how a designer like you can prove your worth to any business by presenting the overall impact of your work.

Interview: Authentic Networking with Kaleigh Moore

In this episode I talk to Kaleigh Moore about how to grow your network authentically if you’re a freelancer.

Interview: LinkedIn vs. Podcasting with Liston Witherill

In this episode I talk to Liston Witherill about the similarities and differences of using Linkedin and Podcasting for sales.

Podcast: 2019 with Jason Forrest

Today I talk to Jason Forrest about 2019 and how we’re planning to grow our bootstrapped businesses.

Podcast: Portfolio to Product

“How do I make my website better at attracting clients?” I discuss one idea to bring into the new year that’s worked for me.

Interview: Products People Want with Joe Workman

In this episode, Joe Workman and I talk about how to create plugins and products customers want as an indie developer.

Interview: Choosing Clients with Philip Morgan

In this episode I talk to Philip Morgan about how to decide which clients to go after.

Podcast: Overhead with Jason Forrest

Today on the podcast, Jason Forrest and I do a deep-dive into how we think about expenses in our business.

Interview: Big League Pricing with Jonathan Stark

In this episode, Jonathan Stark and I talk about value-based pricing: the best way to price risky, 3+ month-long projects, for large clients.

Interview: Company of One with Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis talks about why bigger isn’t always better and how you can push back against a world that’s constantly bullying you into growth.