Where the heck do you find design clients in 2018?

A free 7-part course on how to find high-value clients quickly, even if you don't have a huge network or tons of experience.

What's covered in the course:

Lesson 1: Your portfolio: what you really need to get started

How I deleted my portfolio and made $30k in 6 weeks as a result.

Lesson 2: Exactly where to focus our client search

My 5 favorite places to find clients that are ready to buy.

Lesson 3: The biggest win you can make in the next 5 minutes

The minimalist approach to outbound sales.

Lesson 4: My #1 recommended tool for finding high-value clients

My endless client generator, an RSS plugin with all the best projects.

Lesson 5: How to let my top secret app find clients for you

How to use an app to do your the qualifying for you.

Lesson 6: An easy way to filling in the gaps in your pipeline

How to hack your lead-generation with simple reminders.

Lesson 7: How to send emails that will win you clients in minutes

The email line that’s client repellent and what to send instead.

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