Requests for Proposals

Get Access to These RFPs and More…

We find and send hand-screened logo, UI/UX, and web design RFPs to members daily. Sign up for free here. Last year we sent over 100 high-value creative RFPs to our members. Our members saved hundreds of hours.

Instead of searching online, they got them delivered. What do the best website RFPs look like? Well for us to feature one with newsletter subscribers they must be:

Again, those are the only RFPs that we send to our newsletter subscribers, and we never send an RFP just to send it.

But Where Do We Find These Website RFPs?

  1. Our network – The majority (and the best) come directly to Folyo to hire a designer, and are available nowhere else. If you sign up for our free alerts, you will receive some of these, which are marked  *exclusive*. You’ll also get info on upgrading to get access to all of the exclusive projects.
  2. Facebook – A ton of organizations and companies have taken to Facebook for promoting their RFPs. We monitor Facebook for great opportunity daily.
  3. RFPDB – The RFPDB is a pay-per-bid RFP site that we find about 1-2 great RFPs on each month. Our members get these RFPs included with their subscription.
  4. Linkedin  – Like Facebook, companies post to Linkedin when they have an RFP. Linkedin is actually great for this because you can message the company directly on the platform. We keep tabs of what companies post RFPs on Linkedin, and send the best stuff to you. 
  5. Google – Because of the vast number of sites indexed each day, Google is actually a great source of RFPs. We look for these everyday so that members don’t have to.

Does it work?

Yes! It takes 2-3 hours a week to find a few RFPs worth applying to. As a freelancer or agency owner you only need to get 1 RFP to make our newsletter worth your time. With Folyo, you get much more than that – free. We’ll send  dozens of RFPs + more opportunities when you sign up. Listen to an interview with a real subscriber who won an RFP from our newsletter recently:

Like Joey, once you have a systematized process for responding to these RFPs, they can be almost a guaranteed way to add six-figures + to your bottom line.